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Kim Kardashian

Holy Crap! He Really Said

'N****rs in Vienna'

2/28/2014 11:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

022814_kim_k_vienna_launch Wow.  Kim Kardashian wasn't BSing when she said some dude at the Vienna Opera Ball said he wanted to dance to "N****rs in Vienna."

TMZ broke the story ... Kim went insane when the dude dropped the N bomb -- with an "R."  She stormed out of the ball ... a function for which she was paid $500K by some rich Austrian guy.

The guy apparently thought he was being funny, but you clearly see Kim is not amused.

He's both palatial and racial.


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That is nice, her Pimp cam alone with her!! The saying Pimpin ain't easy just proved everyone wrong, pimpin is easy for Kris!! I am sure she got her 10%!!!

145 days ago


She was ok with "impregnant your mouth" but ****** in Vienna is not ok?

145 days ago

the DQ    

She prostituted herself and had an obligation to stay there and earn the $500K.

145 days ago

tiffany helena    

chill outtttt, he's obviously foreign and doesnt mean it like that...but did madonna and kayne mean it like that? hypocrites

145 days ago


TMZ you will never, ever be able to write a story that will make any rational American feel sorry for that tasteless, money hungry, attention whoring toilet.

145 days ago


Kim was paid $500,000 to be an escort for a very old man? So they aren't even pretending anymore: She's a hooker.

145 days ago


Goes to show you Kim Kartrashian is a prositute afterall. She will do anything for money! whore bag@!

145 days ago


NOT FUNNY and why is she whoring herself out????? Next!

145 days ago


Pretty funny TMZ has a explicit language warning on the video.....

145 days ago


I constantly do not understand why black people can use the N word but when a caucasian person uses it everyone places the racist card! Kim was paid $500K to be on the arm of some wealthy man....Kim, you're engaged! Quit whoring yourself out and maybe you won't have to put it with such insults! ...Who really cares????

145 days ago


It's a name of Kanye's sing. He just changed the name ofte city since they were in Vienna. The real story is an wealthy, engaged mother, Kim Kartrashian whoring herself out for $500K.

145 days ago

Keyser Söze    

You know, I REALLY do wish I could just say "man, this guy's racist" and be done with it, but you know who really should be blamed here? Hip-hop culture.

As a black kid growing up in Canada, I never understood while black people in America were cool with using that damn word to describe each other. That's a black America thing - this sh*t doesn't fly anywhere else on the planet... or, more accurately, DIDN'T fly elsewhere, 'til NWA came out and blew up. But, as big as they were, the ones that came after them - 2Pac, Biggie, Jay - they're the ones who legitimize the usage of the damn word, making itTHE LAZIEST RHYMING DEVICE KNOWN TO RAP. And of course they sold it to mainstream America, and then the whole world, which confused the hell outta the market place. So now, we have a generation full of Mike Walters out there, loving hip-hop, but constantly asking themselves "whoa, I ain't racist, but can I sing that line?"... which they end up singing anyway!

And that's the thing - I have no idea whether or not that jackass is a genuine bigot, but it is fair to say, given that English isn't his first language, that he doesn't know the subtle linguistic difference between saying 'GA' and 'GER'... and, even if he said 'GA', why the f*ck should he get a pass? Or shouldn't him, if he loves hip-hop?

This whole nonsense is two decades in the making, and the only possible resolution to prevent situations like these to happen would be for EVERYONE to just stop using any variation of the word, period. But will hip-hop culture follow through? Will black America allows it? Doubt it...

145 days ago

Joey Jr    

Why is it only ok that KANye gets to say it ... Kim is suck a **** ...

145 days ago


clearly this was a DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS invite for the Kardashians - too dumb and greedy to realize

145 days ago


The man is just repeating what her creepy boyfriend says all the time. Funny though, notice how long it took her to compute what the guy said? She's never going to be the brightest crayon in the box. Reminds me of little Bush when told of the 911 attack. The two of their IQs combined wouldn't total 130!!!

145 days ago
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