'Crack Mayor' Rob Ford Toronto is Safe ... Even Though I'm Partying at Oscars

3/1/2014 9:56 PM PST
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Citizens of Toronto, fear not ... even though your sometimes crack-smoking mayor just touched down in Hollywood to apparently hit up the Oscars -- and after his recent trip to Mardi Gras -- he claims the city is still in good hands.

Rob Ford made his way through a media storm of cameras Saturday night at LAX (video to follow) ... telling our photog he's running political biz from the road -- and even plans to run for office again later this year.

"Crack Mayor" told the Toronto Sun early Saturday morning he was flying to L.A. to attend the Academy Awards ... but when he got to baggage claim Jimmy Kimmel was waiting as his driver ... so this was clearly all for his late night show.

Watch the clip ... see which d-bag Canuck we'd get in a trade with Canada -- him or Bieber.