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Justin Bieber

Photog's Lawyer Claims

Selena KNEW Justin's Violent M.O.

3/12/2014 6:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Selena Gomez allegedly knows all about Justin Bieber's predisposition for violence -- especially violence directed at paparazzi -- and that's why the lawyer for the photog who's suing the singer asked about her.

Attorney Mark DiCowden, who grilled Justin like a cheeseburger last Friday in Miami ... claims in new legal docs he asked Justin about Selena because she had witnessed Justin attacking a photog in May, 2012.

It's pretty clear the lawyer claims the attack is relevant in showing Justin's M.O. ... so he says the questions about Selena were appropriate.  As you know, Justin went nuclear, ripped off his mic and walked out of the deposition after Selena was mentioned.

And DiCowden is going after Justin's lawyers as well, asking the judge to revoke their right to rep the singer on grounds they were just being obstructionists. 



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Shaken not stirred    

"grilled Justin like a cheeseburger..." hehe! Good one! What a giant douche bag!

190 days ago

BB not bb    

The defense has a right to make objections. That is not obstructing justice. The lawyer is way over the top. He was wrong to phrase the question about Selena the way he did, as if he was inquiring as to Justin's personal life with her.

Past history is also irrelevant because what he did in the past has no bearing on the present situation. If his photographer got assaulted, that has nothing to do with Justin being violent in the past. Justin did not even hit the photographer himself.

The lawyer is jut trying every dirty trick he can. The best thing for Justin to do is to just play it cool and say as little as possible and not let this maniac get under his skin.

190 days ago


It's so sad. In a couple of years he'll be a very lonely person because he has tarnished his career and all of his "friends" will desert him. I don't think he realizes that the people he's surrounded by with destructive influences are just using him. He thinks he's indestructible. Unfortunately he'll learn the hard way.

190 days ago


Well its obvious from his smart a$$ comments and his reaction towards the lawyer asking a simple question about Gomez that he's violent chump! It's time to send his violent, disrespectful, addicted self back home to Canada & let them deal with him! He's a pathetic chump and has absolutely nothing to offer anyone! I take Xanax legally as well and it doesn't make a person violent. He's just an addict self medicating.. his sizzurp is the reason for his disrespectful behavior. Just another Canadian addict bringing their problems to the USofA!!!

190 days ago

Tim C    

This arrogant little pissant deserves any inconvenience that he experiences from his actions and those around him that he directed. His shine is beginning to tarnish.

190 days ago


His jacket looks like it was designed from his grandparents curtains...😂😈

190 days ago


This ignorant jerk continues to dig a hole for himself and hopefully he will fall in soon . Hopefully he has saved some money because his career is over.

190 days ago


She must be one of the dumbest people on earth.

190 days ago

Miss k    

Selena's is all over justin nuts , bitch can't move on to better things lol

190 days ago


Justin's Attorney did ask him what his line of questioning about Selena was for and each time the prosecuting attorney avoided answering Justin's Attorney I also heare Justin's Attorney tell him come on Justin lets take a break so he gets up takes off the mic and walks out Justin is now trying to get his life straight he needs support yes he has made some bad choices but to keep trying to dragg him through the mudd with every move he makes is just wrong

190 days ago


Dressing and acting like an angry lesbian will never give him street cred, no matter how hard she tries.

190 days ago


About the Pap's lawyers going after JB's lawyers trying to get them judged as "they shouldn't be able to rep JB because they're being obstructionists" is that a legit complaint to make and can they even hope that it gets more than a look, let alone that it has ANY chance of working?
I've heard of trying to get an opponents' lawyers tossed due to things like conflict of interest or whatever, but this seems like they're complaining about JB's lawyer's doing their job in trying to be a buffer between them and JB. And, yes, it's DOES hurt me to just suggest that, but I'm honestly wondering about that.
On the bright side for the Pap's lawyers JB is doing a really great job of making himself instrumental in his defense. A little joke for those that saw the clip where he's asked about Usher.

190 days ago


Duh they both sniff coke together. She's a lot smarter than him ill day. She's 2 years older and much more mature than him so she can hide it better. But make no mistake, she's not some innocent victim of big, bad Bieber (lol). She just knows how to do her dirt on the low.

190 days ago


Dude needs to lay off the steroids.

190 days ago


Bieber is emulating classless morons like Little Wayne and other classless douchebags. He should have watched Tupac's deposition to see how a MAN does it with class and intelligence. Educated, articulate, intelligent Tupac vs trashy classless uneducated detrimental moron Bieber. Watch a real man, you dumb Beliebers.

190 days ago
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