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MJ's Chimp Bubbles

Jane Goodall's LYING

No One Spanked the Monkey

3/14/2014 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just like her beloved chimpanzees ... Jane Goodall is throwing crap at the wall -- at least that's the word from people who witnessed Michael Jackson's relationship with Bubbles.

Several people who were with Bubbles on almost a day-to-day basis tell TMZ ... MJ adored the chimp, and treated him like a member of his family -- and the notion that he or anyone around him brutalized the chimp is garbage.

We're told the Michael Jackson Estate has recognized how much the singer loved Bubbles by contributing money to the sanctuary where the chimp now lives.

Bubbles, we're told, was almost joined at the hip with Michael, mimicking him and various others at Neverland.  We were told one story where Bubbles got down on his knees after seeing one of the maids and started dusting the floor.  The whole slave labor thing aside, Michael proudly hugged the chimp.

And Michael actually made Bubble's his plus one at his lawyer John Branca's wedding.  Bubbles showed up in a tux to cheer on Branca -- who now runs the MJ Estate.



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Bubbles said he wasn't hit so that ends it

192 days ago


First they accused Michael Jackson of abusing children. Then they accused him of abusing animals. Next they are going to accuse him of abusing the flowers at Neverland. People just love accusing this guy of doing something bad. It will never end.

192 days ago


child abuser, animal abuser, drugs abuser, God knows what else

192 days ago


Jane Goodall is a UN peace messenger and will forever be in the history books as our time's leading expert on chimpanzees and her nearly half-century work in the area. Goodall says she directly confronted Michael Jackson; this is fact, not some trashy piece of gossip. TMZ can publish family and friends' assertions that there was no abuse of Bubbles, but that Goodall confronted Jackson actually happened.

192 days ago


Just goes to show you - TMZ stop posting tabloid garbage on Michael without first getting the other side of the story. Jane is a senile old lady.

Didn't you know even PETA visted the ranch because of liesabout the animals there and found NO issues at Neverland. Y'all getting on my nerves with the crappy stories. She got her 15 minutes that she didn't deserve!

People need to stop lying on Michael and let him rest in peace!

Oh yeah, you lied on Porsha Williams yesterday also and she denied the story you wrote yesterday. Don't you owe her an apology? I'd say YES!

192 days ago


Jane Goodall is the most respected & beloved scientist in the world ; whereas, Michael Jackson continuously slept with little boys. Lets just say I believe Jane!

192 days ago


WTF is Jane Goodall? Oogly azz old woman.

192 days ago


Monkey see, monkey do.

192 days ago


and mj isn't a pedophile ... bwahahahaha ... hollywood is where stars never lie and scientists are liars ... go tmz

192 days ago


Okay and if this story is true their both dead now.Why is it news now! And wasn't at the time of the alleged abuse,please.

192 days ago


She never said that Michael beat the monkey. All she said was that Michael became upset ("ticked off") after she paid him a personal visit upon learning that after learning that Bubbles was being beaten. With all the caretakers at Neverland Zoo it is not unthinkable that one of them could've been inappropriately handling the animal, which would lead to any owner to become furious. Even regular zoos have to deal with unprofessional zookeepers from time to time.

192 days ago


So, Those that mean he spanked more then one monkey.....Hahahahahahahahaha

192 days ago


I'm sure Bubbles is just fine. I want to hear more about the cell phone tower theory in regards to the Malaysia Airlines flight.

192 days ago


bubbles prolly got a glass of Jesus juice and then sodomized.

192 days ago


maybe someone was spanking micheal and thought it was bubbles. They do look a great deal alike.

192 days ago
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