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Chris Brown

In Jail for the Long Haul

3/15/2014 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0314_chris_brown_tmzChris Brown will probably spend the next month behind bars, and possibly a lot longer.

TMZ broke the story ... Chris was arrested and jailed Friday after getting thrown out of the Malibu rehab facility where he's been living for nearly 4 months, per judge's order.  The judge in the Rihanna case ordered Chris to stay at the rehab joint until April 28, when his D.C. assault case goes to trial.  But Chris broke the rules, was booted, and Sheriff's deputies hauled him to jail.

Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, will appear in court Monday, trying to convince the judge to cut Brown a break and let him either go to another rehab facility or go on house arrest pending the D.C. trial.  That will be an uphill battle, given that this is the second rehab facility that booted Brown.

The D.C. trial is set for April 17.   Geragos has a pretty strong defense -- there are problems with the prosecution's case.  But if Chris is found guilty, he could end up in PRISON for breaking the law while on probation in the Rihanna case.

The stakes are high.  Brown has a lot to think about behind bars.


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I like how tmz never mentions what he was kicked out for but if you go to YAHOO you CAN SEE that HE HAD SEX now he's in jail ... If this was anyone else they would be walking the streets probation or not he's just gonna have this stay with him for the rest of his life

222 days ago


Best news everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

222 days ago

chris ayres    

This fool should,ve been put in JAIL a long time ago and stripped of his assets why do we give such lenient sentences to dangerous criminals like this guy we need more real pop stars in the world like The Beatles Elvis Presley Michael Jackson Prince etc and we need to stop making idiots famous

222 days ago


anyone with a neck tattoo should be in prison for life

222 days ago


I am surprised Obama and Eric Holder haven't become involved they love violent black youths

222 days ago


Noooo, I cant believe this, Mr. Brown is a fine young person and a great example for other young men to follow.

222 days ago


Lemme see if I got this correct; CB was BOOTED from rehab on Friday. The SAME REHAB, which EARLIER THIS VERY WEEK,...was ON THE RECORD as saying that CB has been a MODEL PATIENT, HELPFUL, RESPONSIVE, ETC. The SAME REHAB which was HEAPING PRAISE on CB, gave him the boot and turned him over to police!!??!? Somethin' don't jive here????!!?!

222 days ago


The Rhianna assault case happened four years ago and people on this site keep bringing it up. He has not to my knowledge beaten a woman since. I hope that his attorney can get him out of jail because he needs continued therapy not incarceration. A close friend and family member has bipolar illness and it is not just the matter of take a pill and suddenly you are better. It takes finding the right dosage of medication and of course therapy to learn to make better decisions and avoiding certain situations. Chris Brown has many fans who want to see him overcome his troubles.

222 days ago

God Orig    

somebidy wit dough in the industry must dislike my boy CB. want to violate him, lock him down, over a old ass case but they quick to dirt on him in the tabloids sayin his girl with Drake an all that, how he is so bad but everybody bumps to his music. cats is crayyyy got no love for nobody..

222 days ago


um tmz you are wrong the prosecution has a strong case and this violent felon will be convicted he has shown a violent past and should have been in prison instead of rehab

222 days ago


Just wondering...why hasn't a Kardashian got at him yey

222 days ago

Nobody Special    

In Jail Pu$$y Don't Smell Like Teen Spirit,

I don't want to be your back-door man, Hey Ho

222 days ago


this should have happened a long time ago chris Brown needs to see what it feels like to be in prison for awhile his not caring attitude is what got him there so he needs to see that just because u have money doesn't make u untouchable im not saying he deserves all that time but they should make him sit in jail for awhile then get more rehab nd then maybe he'll change his ways

215 days ago
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