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Rambo-ish Man


Firing Uzi in a Bar

3/16/2014 9:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0316-rambo-mugshot-01A guy dressed up like '"Rambo" was arrested Saturday night at a Florida bar ... after he allegedly began firing his Uzi and stabbing 2 patrons.

Daniel Allen Noble was drinking at the Europa Lounge in Flagler County  ... he left but hours later reportedly returned as Rambo.

Cops say Noble was armed with an Uzi-style assault rifle and hunting knives.

Two bar patrons confronted the Rambo-wannabe ... trying to wrestle the gun away.  He allegedly fired a few rounds... but was eventually disarmed.  Cops say that's when Noble grabbed one of his knives and started swinging -- cutting his own face in the process -- which you can see in the mugshot.

Noble was eventually rendered unconscious. The 2 men who tried subduing him were injured and one was hospitalized with a stab wound in his left eye and slashes to his hands.

Noble is being held without bond for attempted murder ... and faces a bunch of additional charges.


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fake ass rambo has a very real mental problem!.."i didnt start it they drew the first bloo"! -rambo: First Blood

229 days ago

dont h8 reality    

Wrote... Rambo really let himself go

229 days ago


I pray for all of you! I pray that you nor your family members ever suffer from mental illness. Then again, I wonder how we should label stupidity????

229 days ago


where else BUT florida!?

229 days ago

Sara29 brother isn't from Florida either! ASSuming just makes you appear as the ASSES you really are!!!

229 days ago


PTSD or not I blame his loved ones for not looking after him better. If the ones close to him did a good job he would not be going berserk ! ..

229 days ago


And he wold not be armed if his loved ones were close and watching... Unwell people need love close observation and constant care! And yeah I know what I'm talking about because I have been there! ....

229 days ago


Again....All of us did watch out for him and nothing ever happened when he was around me or other family members. He was with his friend but, clearly his friend wasn't keeping observation not his family. If you know this, then you should also know that at any moment you can snap weapons or no weapons.

229 days ago


Not to mention a mental illness is an illness......There are plenty of people with mental illness that snap on their own family members because it's not something they can control. He was on medication and the VA gave him the thumbs up. So blame the VA. His insurance doesn't let him just go anywhere for treatment.

229 days ago


Could Byron b the friend sarah net ions that was with him? Because I can sure see how anyone would snap from his words on here, Byron being firstly on here ain't going to make it right bro, you dropped the ball and what's done us done... Now wipe the tears off and forgive yourself. Do better when he gets out bud

229 days ago


Well atleast hes where he belongs, in jail.. Hopefully he gets a few years. Glad there were some sane people there to stop him or who knows how many people this nutcase would have killed

229 days ago


I blame the. Family and the stupid friend.. It's obvious how that is given the anger they are showing in here. Friends are the worst people to be around sometimes because often they let you down .. Right Byron?

229 days ago


So he has a sister in the medical field who says he took his meds, then we also know he was with a "friend" when he snapped. Hmmm . Makes me wonder , if he was on meds and he went to a bar... I'm pretty sure he wasn't drinking grapefruit juice at the bar right ?then he leaves the car and returns with a. Uzi and knives, tries to shoot but fails , then tries to use knives and ends up hurting himself with them ... I'm a soldier so I know when I have a gun in my hand and trained to use it what would happen. Unless I was drunk or a terrible soldiers and goes with knives , we are trained to use them so unless I am drunk My drill argent would be very embarrassed right now. If that is not the case why js a guy on meds at a bar drinking? .. I gotta say this is some friend he's got ... Am I wrong to think in these lines ? I know if I'm on meds I would not be drinking and if I'm not drunk and have a weapon in my hand be it a knife or a gun I am pretty dangerous with either one because of the training I received so ... Agh it doesn't matter .. They saved him from himself and or hurting others so it ended well :-))

229 days ago


Good night yall :-) peace!

229 days ago


How is this celebrity news?

228 days ago
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