'Jeopardy' Villain I'm Rich, Bitch So I'm Acting for Free

3/18/2014 12:40 AM PDT
03-17-14-arthur-chu-tmzThe "Jeopardy" champ who angered viewers for cheating the system and making the game dull as dirt is now going redneck ... something even more difficult than Obscure Painters for $1,000.

Arthur Chu -- a name not immediately associated with farmer's tans and pickup trucks -- is taking to the stage ... and he's feeling generous.  Artie scored nearly $300K on the show, so he's taking to the stage in Ohio and offering his services for free.

Arthur -- who has done acting and voiceover work -- agreed to work gratis on the play, "Handle With Care" ... about a young Israeli woman who falls in love after coming to America.  Arthur says he plays a "dumb redneck."

What is Romantic Middle East stories that don't end in bloodshed.