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'Jeopardy' Villain

I'm Rich, Bitch

So I'm Acting for Free

3/18/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

03-17-14-arthur-chu-tmzThe "Jeopardy" champ who angered viewers for cheating the system and making the game dull as dirt is now going redneck ... something even more difficult than Obscure Painters for $1,000.

Arthur Chu -- a name not immediately associated with farmer's tans and pickup trucks -- is taking to the stage ... and he's feeling generous.  Artie scored nearly $300K on the show, so he's taking to the stage in Ohio and offering his services for free.

Arthur -- who has done acting and voiceover work -- agreed to work gratis on the play, "Handle With Care" ... about a young Israeli woman who falls in love after coming to America.  Arthur says he plays a "dumb redneck."

What is Romantic Middle East stories that don't end in bloodshed.


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I can't stand how these articles are titled. Its always meant to be misinterpreted in order to make a garbage story seem more important.. the guy just played the game, and played it well. No need to make him sound like a ****y douchebag.

157 days ago


So now is a star?....making sh!t out of

157 days ago


He didn't "cheat the system". He played the game how any smart person should. Just because he didn't go in order down the columns doesn't make him a cheater.

157 days ago

Choose Laughter    

Typecasting there!

157 days ago


Arthur Chu, you're a douchebag. Go away and never come out to play.

157 days ago


So what? He won that money fair and square, he's not a villain

157 days ago


Looks like Kim Jung Un's brother.

157 days ago

BB not bb    

This guy sounds like a lot of fun. How could he have made the show dull by beating everyone? I think that play sounds really funny. You get Chinese with heavy Southern drawls sometimes. They like to adapt to their societies and be like one of the group. If the group is redneck, I guess you will have the Chinese redneck.

157 days ago

BB not bb    

How can you have a Jeopardy villain? That is such an oxymoron. There is nothing villainous about Jeopardy. Maybe it gets a little snidely condescending, that is about it. Then you have a baby faced Chinese guy who won and you call him a villain. This is really sounding crazy.

Is this like the new regime attacking the intelligentsia? Come on. What crime has this man committed? You can't be smart and innocent looking I guess. if you are not some smug know it all now you are a villain? I would rather be the villain then.

157 days ago

BB not bb    

He is a Jeopardy rebel. Good Grief. People actually can come up with their own strategies. How shocking. Next he will be selling meth out of the back of a van I suppose. Oh wait, that is the guy everyone loves on the cool show.

People are so stupid now. Being smart makes you a villain now? it used to just make you a nerd. Now you are a villain? Wow enough is enough. The powerless stop at nothing trying to tear down those who have what they don't.

If you answer some dorky question on a game show, you are a threat to society? I don't know any more. I just don't know.

157 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

First off, he didn't cheat. Jeopardy is usually an answer and question game and contestants usually play in a standard "next answer" format. He played cutthroat and ruthlessly, but he played within the rules. What it came down to is it didn't matter how he played the board because he could either give the correct question and advance or be incorrect and have to sit down and shut up for a few answers. He played a good game, ruthless and cutthroat and maybe unfair by Jeopardy standards but he played a good game.

157 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Speaking of Jeopardy and "cheaters" ... You can be sure Alex's spin machine was in high gear a few years ago when a hooker "broke into his hotel room when he was asleep" and took a few of his personal items. I never did figure out how they kept that under wraps ... in a manner of speaking.

157 days ago


There is something to be said for playing and winning like a gentleman, not like a disgusting pig.

157 days ago

BB not bb    

Dummies of America please shut up. it does not matter what order you answer questions in, you either know an answer first or you lose. Please go back to watching Price is Right or whatever you enjoy.

157 days ago


Cheating the system? Dull as dirt? WTF is wrong with you TMZ. Dude was a bauce. Game theory is exactly how Jeopardy should be played. Was the most exciting two weeks of the show in years.

157 days ago
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