'Jeopardy' Villain I'm Rich, Bitch So I'm Acting for Free

3/18/2014 12:40 AM PDT

'Jeopardy' Villain Arthur Chu -- I'm Rich, Bitch ... So I'm Acting For Free

The "Jeopardy" champ who angered viewers for cheating the system and making the game dull as dirt is now going redneck ... something even more difficult than Obscure Painters for $1,000.

Arthur Chu -- a name not immediately associated with farmer's tans and pickup trucks -- is taking to the stage ... and he's feeling generous.  Artie scored nearly $300K on the show, so he's taking to the stage in Ohio and offering his services for free.

Arthur -- who has done acting and voiceover work -- agreed to work gratis on the play, "Handle With Care" ... about a young Israeli woman who falls in love after coming to America.  Arthur says he plays a "dumb redneck."

What is Romantic Middle East stories that don't end in bloodshed.