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Justin Bieber

He's Allowed to Assault People

... Says Record Producer/Landlord

3/22/2014 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's hijinks -- getting arresting for DUI, egging a house and assaulting people -- are simply what 19-year-olds do ... so says the record mogul who's renting his ATL house to the singer.

Dallas Austin was catching a flight Friday night from New York to Atlanta -- he says to check out the mansion -- but insists he's not worried.

You gotta hear Austin's logic and how he dismisses the egging and other stuff.

ATL neighbors, brace yourselves.  Justin's landlord has just given his yoke of a blessing


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He's the top to Bieber's bottom

180 days ago


Someone should egg his house causing $20,000 in damage and knock him in the head. See how he feels about then. Loser. What label does he produce for?

180 days ago


He actually speaks the truth. I saw some of the videos myself of these people going around bullying Bieber with their cameras. These people are relentless and he just wants to be left alone. So he maybe threatens one of them and I am supposed to be feeling bad for camera guy? I am not a "believer" I don't like Justin's music at all but I don't try to find fault with everyone and pick their lives apart. Also most 19 year olds do egg houses and drink and drive. It is unfortunate but they are still young and learning about life. When Justin is in his later 20s he will look bad at those things as being stupid but having fun. Most guys I went to high school with acted just like this kid only they never had the fame. None of you know Bieber personally so you can't say anything about him. You are just mad at him for being famous. Why don't you try doing what he did and get discovered on youtube? It is easier for us to go to our dead end retail jobs then come home and talk trash about Justin Bieber. Yet when we do these things.... we are only bringing on more negative energy and making our situations worse. Harvey is a vampire and he loves it when you do that. The man profits from your hatred and he wants to suck your blood. Harvey is a vampire straight up. He is worse than Bieber because his website teaches people how to hate. Especially kids who are maybe even a little bit younger than Justin but too stupid to think for themselves. They let the media feed them ideas about life and what the world is all about. It is a load of crap. If Harvey didn't want to suck your blood TMZ would never exist. Just admit it Bieber is not the enemy here.

180 days ago


What a grovelling ass licking little turd
Hey dude...
Your name...
Is stupid, like you!
He's so desperate for attention
he will say anything!
common sense into yo skinny ass!

180 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Um, HE never assaulted anyone, such exaggeration. His goon did.

180 days ago


Another enabler joins Justin's crew. This kid will be broke and dead in less then 10 years.

180 days ago


Tmz shd stop stalking anyone in the reach of bieber im getting tired of it

180 days ago


10 to 15000 18 yeast old died in Vietnam. Beiber IS A GROWN MAN! Next time you see an older man missing a leg, tell him it was just kids being kids and see if you don't get a crutch up your ass for being so stupid!

180 days ago


Uh, let him Assault me.....
see how Allowed that is.

180 days ago


Bieber is paying this guy's bills. Of course he is going to kiss his butt. That is why the kid is so screwed up.

180 days ago


What a creep. This moron needs to be beat to a bloody pulp. It might wake him up.

180 days ago


I have NEVER heard of this guy! Record Mogul..lhahahahah

180 days ago


Bieber is paying Crazy money for a house that won't a landlord will say anything to get an overpriced lease signed...just saying

180 days ago


What did he say.???? He is allowed???

180 days ago


Society in general is stupid. First off, idk how old you people are but I'm 20 years old in college and I can assure you that 19 year old boys do extremely stupid stuff. Stuff that makes Justin Bieber look like an angel. So what he's a spoiled white kid from Canada majority of spoiled kids act the way he acts. Dallas Austin is right you can't stress over the dumb **** that he does. I'm not defending JB cause I'm the worlds biggest fan I'm defending him cause you people are naïve if you think that this is as bad as it gets. You have no idea what your kids do I can guarantee you that.

180 days ago
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