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Homeless Screenwriter

Without My 'Lawsuit' ...

Disney Wouldn't Hire Hispanics and Blacks

3/24/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The homeless woman who filed legal docs to force Disney execs to read her 2,000 page script says she took legal action because it was the only way she could get Hollywood's attention.

TMZ broke the story ...  Jo Anne Vandegriff wrote the Civil War mini-series -- which she estimates would require a 6-month run -- and hoped to get Halle Berry, Amanda Bynes and Armie Hammer in starring roles.

We tracked down Vandegriff in Santa Monica -- and she says she filed with the court because Disney doesn't accept unsolicited scripts ... and her hail mary is getting a judge to force the studio bigwigs to look at it. Kinda brilliant.

She also thinks Disney needs to produce her mini-series because it's severely lacking roles for Blacks and Hispanics.

Check out the video ... Vandegriff is an interesting woman. When she's not writing or panhandling she's taking computer programming, web design and database management classes at Santa Monica College ... which she attends for free because she's low income.

So, we gotta ask ...


No Avatar


Stay off the Brownstone.

215 days ago


only TMZ would claim she is somehow brilliant

215 days ago


Poor lady I hope some one that has the means 2 help her out does with a plc 2 live & maybe employment . She is not stupid @ all . imo

215 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Rich Hollywood producers love being told what to do by stinky worthless homeless bums. I'm sure they'll cave to her demands ha ha.

215 days ago


Just because she has lucid thoughts does not mean she is brilliant. She can still be bat crap crazy who reads. The unibomber wrote a manifesto. She sounds more like him with her delusions of grandeur.

215 days ago


She sounds like Under-Dog-Lady from the Stern show.

Wants to save everybody at all times.

All races, peoples, cultures -

Can't she just go to Super-Hero Camp?

Fly Hispanics on to the Disney lot?

And for KNOWN casting-calls?

"Look up in the sky..."

"It's a bird - it's a plane - "

"No, it's RACE-Saver!"

215 days ago


it's severely lacking roles for Blacks and Hispanics.....................I HEAR THE NEW FANTASTIC FOUR REBOOT WILL HAVE JET LI AS MISTER FANTASTIC, GO ASIANS!

215 days ago


When he's not in jail or prison?

My kid brother's on the street.

Hepatitis, alcoholism.

Boils down to mental illness.

Do you want to get treatment -- or do you not want to get treatment.

Cuz I've killed myself.

"Treatment and sobriety - "

Year in, year out, year in, year out -

The Bronco didn't ride and throw ME.

I rode the Bronco.

If I write something decent?

Disney and everyone else?

Have enough opportunity for everybody- any age.

All kinds of Affirmative Action things.

Calling a Studio out for Discrimination?

Then wanting them to read a rambling tele-play?

Is convoluted.

It's like putting THE THREE STOOGES.


I feel terrible when anyone's on the street.

But so does everyone else in Hollywood.

215 days ago


The whole Disney not hiring blacks & Hispanics she's like 20 years late on that. You can go to imdb and see many ethnic actors in their movies & tv. Even well known actors & actresses!! The princess & the frog? Oz had a main black guy, Disney channel filled with black & latins! Selena Gomez anyone!! This homeless person should just focus on her script & the story and not the whole racist Disney rant that's just not gonna fly.

215 days ago


This is how companies get tort reform passed, because of idiots like her. I would burn the script right in front of her. This is lawsuit is BS. I watched a do***entary about the McDonald's hot coffee lady. The one who won millions from McDonald's. After watching it & how McDonald's used it for tort reform. I thought the woman should have gotten more. Just watch "hot coffee" on Netflix. I don't get how a homeless woman filled a lawsuit. I would think there are court fees. No lawyer would take the case.

215 days ago


2/3 of her carachters stated in the interview of her lawsuit are Caucasian.

215 days ago


She's right about Hispanics. Thanks for saying it.

215 days ago


waste of taxpayers money, bitch has all this time on her hands she should be looking for a job and not filing frivolous lawsuits. I hear VIVID is always hiring, maybe she can do backdoor homeless sluts of santa monica

215 days ago


No job? No prospects? Looking for a handout from people who actually work for their money? Come to California, where mooching is tolerated, nay, encouraged !

215 days ago


What makes her think blacks are not tired of civil war movies?

215 days ago
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