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Judge Joe Brown

They Tried to Keep Me Behind Bars ...


3/25/2014 10:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Joe Brown is still hopping mad about being arrested Monday and now tells TMZ he thinks the judge who tossed him behind bars conspired to try and keep him there longer.

In case you missed it ... Brown was tossed in the slammer in Memphis on Monday after having a meltdown in court. Brown, who is still a practicing lawyer, was there to represent his client in a child support hearing (that becomes relevant shortly).

TMZ spoke with Brown this morning and he still claims the fact he is running for D.A. of Shelby County played a role in how he was treated.

He also claims the magistrate helped to "falsify documents" so it would read that he was jailed for child support violations instead of contempt ... an attempt to keep him behind bars longer.

Brown made it through his three hours in jail unscathed -- he says he signed autographs and saw a few former clients (not a good sign for his lawyering skills) but avoided the food. 

Wise choice.


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"Man Up,"--Judge Joe Brown. No, Judge Joe, I hope, you prove your case, now you know how the average citizen feels when the Judge throw the book at us acting out on Human Emotions.

176 days ago


This judge is a good judge, [Joe Brown] Tuff but good. Those racist people don't want him to go any further. If your a person of color like us Native American's then you know what I'm saying is true. Lets pray this guy gets as high as possible so they can stop their racism and bigotry.

176 days ago


Good Ole Joe Brown. You can't keep a good guy down.

176 days ago

bobby l dye    

TMZ is a s***bag website.

176 days ago


Black box lottery. I feel the oBaomama"s taken all these vacation in a way like a lottery .
so far notawin .
but Just maybe his numbers come up . I like the odds when they go over the indian ocean just hope the battries are charged up .
I hate wasting a lot of time looking . Biden well ________________,

REV Sharppencil with MSNBC , REV jessie JACKASS , rev WHITiE obama's man . Rev fariaconie, jackass Jr. who's in jail . , winner can show his dog .
Hi hitler hillery Rod in her hand ****fon , lover boy Slick willie Bill , dirty harry Reede, Nancy polousy , dian frankinstine , al frankly , this is the dem's ideal of leaders geeeeese and they want 30 million MEX that can't read o wirite to vote with that line up I would too.

clowns .......look at obama ears add a red nose you have ?

the crew at abc, msnbc,and CBC can tell us >>>>>>>>>> what to think .
that should do it o0ps !!!! blk chopper landing in my yard ...................later

176 days ago

Abdul Majid    

Joe Brown should have realize this is the whites society in the United States. Obama follow a strict guide line given to him. Brown maybe a little arrogant, but society made him that way. Society gave a white position, and it went to his head. Over all he deserve what postition he run for. Judge Judy take it to far, but you must realize she is a Jew. Brown and Judy are on different status when it co me to the United States authority. Black people need to step back in look in before they enter. It is always a set of hand cuffs waiting to neg you. You do not have to accept what I am saying just think about it.

176 days ago


3 hours? Thought he was given 5 days! What a joke!!!

176 days ago



176 days ago


that's the problem with the justice system Judge Joe, there's quite frankly a shortage of brains in the ones who get to make the decision

176 days ago


Excellent character....just what you can expect from people with an IQ of less than 60

176 days ago


pay your child support

176 days ago


The problem is one day black people kissing the white people ass and the next you hate them. Always remember that this a white man country and Obama is only temporary. My blackmen it's a black woman that put Obama in line for the presidential seat and Blacks that made it happen. This Judge know he had to kiss a lot of as to get where he's at,and for the other judge to act if he don't know law is crazy.Joe Brown earn his way but had to kiss as to be well known and popular. Joe Brown is a Fantastic Judge and he worked hard just like the white man. The Judge who arrested you Brown just wanted his 15minutes of fame.

176 days ago

Roger Joseph    

I'm a Judge !

176 days ago


He is a loudmouth show boater and the Judge had every right to stick it to him. The real world is different from Hollywood.

176 days ago


Needs help

176 days ago
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