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Put Down

'Chupie Will Be Missed'

4/4/2014 10:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone dropped the 'Chupacabra' ... permanently -- TMZ has learned the weird-looking creature captured in Ratcliff, Texas has been put down.

Jackie Stock, the woman who found the animal which resembles a raccoon with mange tells TMZ ... she was advised to euthanize the animal because it was suffering.

Stock said after video of the creature went wide Thursday ... PETA started sending her and her husband messages, saying they were upset by the fact that the animal was in captivity and not receiving proper treatment.

She was also told if the animal really was a Chupacabra, it would have sucked the blood out of the goats next door before its capture.  Stock was advised it was most likely a raccoon with mange that was in pain.

Stock adds the animal was never examined or tested to specifically identify it. 

She took it to the shelter and was told "it went to sleep very peacefully," adding, "I had gotten attached.  I was calling him Chupie.  He will be missed."

Chupacabra Found in Texas


No Avatar


That is not a Raccoon, the ears are too big.. Some breed of dog..

200 days ago


Why put down the poor thing be e if there is one there is more.

200 days ago


There are coati's in Texas. Look them up- very similar looking to a raccoon- but has the slimmer snout, less hair ( although clearly this guy is bald from mange). I'm sure it's a coati.

200 days ago


It's a raccoon people. It has mange and lost it's coat. It's just a raccoon. But, that's f-d up that they killed it. That's just messed up.

199 days ago


Yup! Its a raccoon for sure! I just trapped a raccoon and singed all the hair off of it with a blow torch, and it looks exactly like that creature did! Mystery solved! Dont worry, the sample raccoon I used will be just fine when his or her hair grows back. Lol

199 days ago

joan s    

I have seen a Chupacabra!! I live on a ranch in Somis, CA. the first Chupacabra was back in 2008, 2009 or 2011. My neighbors dogs had a Chupacabra on his property, the Chupacabra got away, and ran on to the ranch Iived on. I put my dog inside, as the Chupacabra got away from the 2 dogs, and ran back on to the neighbors property. The neighbors shot and killed the Chupacabra. 1 or 2 years later, the same neighbors shot and killed another Chupacabra. The neighbors took pictures of the Chupacabra!! This kreatore dogs exsist!! I have seen this creature. I was only 40 feet when the first Chupacabra was shot!! I will look for the pictures that I have.

199 days ago


Disgusting human beings putting down an animal that did no harm to them!!!! Shame on you!!!! Animals are way better than most people!!!!

199 days ago


Enjoy dream trips

199 days ago


Looks like PETA hasn't consumed their euthanasia supplies budget and are on the lookout for more "suffering" animals to put down.

199 days ago


Someone needs to put PETA in a cage. Self proclaimed psychopaths who want to control everyone's lives, have no business pretending they care about animals. They care about traumatizing people into domesticated cattle. They rescue animals to murder them, because they spend donations on building their hate group, and law fee's for terrorists.

199 days ago

jose duarte    

most likely it was c hupacabra and crossed the border from mexico

199 days ago


Why would an animal be "put down" if it had not even been tested?/??????

199 days ago


199 days ago


It's a racoon with a genetic mutation. They've found them other places. Doesn't have mange.

199 days ago


Ugh... people are idiots. You'd think they never heard of the internet, before.

It's a fairly scrawny (malnourished, most likely) raccoon with mange. Raccoons' fur does a lot to fill them out, when they have it, so you don't see how long their legs, paws, and snout really are. If you Google raccoons with mange, you'll find a lot that look just like this one. Raccoons also hold their food with their front paws, just like this one does, to eat. They also have long, unwebbed fingers, just as this little guy has, and that's a rare trait for carnivorans. I've had gangs of raccoons scampering through my yard, and I've had some growl at me when I stood out there with a broom, while trying to call the cat in. They're cute until you have to confront one, and then they can be vicious little bastards. They're also very good at climbing trees, roofs, etc.

I find it hard to believe that the so-called hunter in this video could have been hunting raccoons for 20 years, and never had a raccoon growl at him, and also never saw an animal with mange, before. As for the biologist, I applaud him for identifying this as a normal animal with mange, but a good scientist gets enough evidence before identifying the species, and clearly he didn't see enough evidence, if he identified it as a canine (the closest raccoons are related to canines is through their taxonomic order, Carnivora).

199 days ago
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