Snooki For the Love of God ... Don't Bieber Me at My Depo

4/5/2014 12:30 AM PDT

has learned a valuable lesson ... from Justin Bieber -- if you don't want to end up the object of public scorn and ridicule ... make sure your depositions AREN'T VIDEOTAPED.

According to new docs in her ongoing perfume lawsuit, Snooki has asked for her upcoming deposition NOT to be recorded -- now that the embarrassing Bieber precedent has been set.

TMZ got the video showing Bieber making a complete ass out of himself last month in his photog-beating deposition. Bieber tried painfully hard to look cool and rebellious, but ended up sounding like an arrogant, inarticulate, self-entitled goofball ... for all the world to see.

A judge will probably make the final decision, and if he cares at all about entertainment value, he'll let the cameras roll.