Snooki Sues Perfume Company Your Rip-Off Stinks

8/30/2013 2:05 PM PDT

Snooki Sues Perfume Company -- Your Rip-Off Stinks


Snooki's out for blood ... claiming a rival perfume company jacked her trademark scent ... and she wants at least $2.4 million to call it even.

Snooki has filed a lawsuit against Excell Brands in New Jersey, claiming its perfume called "Snazzy" is a blatant rip-off her of her official fragrance called "Snooki."

The former "Jersey Shore" star says Snazzy is so shameless about its trademark infringement, it even says so on the box ... calling itself "our version of Snooki by Nicole Polizzi." She's not lying.

Now Snooki wants a court to order Excell to stop selling Snazzy perfume ASAP ... and to make the company fork over a minimum of $2 mil in damages. Calls to Excell weren't returned.