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About Inbred Hillbillies

4/14/2014 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Leo DiCaprio
thinks the guys claiming his company defamed them by calling them "inbreds" in the movie "Out of the Furnace" may not be inbreds ... but they're stupid for suing.

DiCaprio's production company just asked a judge to toss the lawsuit filed by 17 members of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation -- a tribe in the Ramapo Mountains of New Jersey.

The tribe's beef -- the villain of the movie, Harlan DeGroat, played by Woody Harrelson, shares the last name of some of them and they believe they're the target of the flick's disparaging references.

Aside from the "inbred" comment, the real-life DeGroat says it's defamatory to make them look like murderous, drug-addicted scofflaws.

DiCaprio's company claims the law -- specifically the First Amendment -- allows them to portray criminal gangs in movies.

Here's the best part ... Leo's company points out there's a rich history of movies depicting various groups -- "The Godfather" portrayed Italian gangs, "The Departed" showed Irish gangs, and, our favorite, "Once Upon a Time In America" features a Jewish Gang ... who knew?


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Hahahaha! Most likely the reason for being mad because it's true. The secret is out.

190 days ago


Hope Leo doesn't get shanked by one of these ruffians. You can do anything about white people these days: hillbilly reality shows, movies knocking so-called 'inbred' gangs, mocking Amish communities. But still no reality shows set in East St. Louis or rural black Mississippi depicting how 'real' life is in those environs. Why not? I'd find kinds of programming very entertaining, indeed.

190 days ago


I watched this movie last nite. It portrays the people in the mountains they way that it does to show how the economy affects the smaller towns. When there's no jobs, the people resort to fighting, using/selling drugs. There wasn't anything defamatory about the film.

190 days ago

steven andrus    

I grew up in Pompton Lakes n.j. and knew the DeGroat family pretty well,they don't have a leg to stand on,half of them can barely talk proper,we use to call them Jackson whites,some will understand this.

190 days ago


Who cares? This movie was HORRIBLE! Not enough people saw it for them to be worried about it being defamatory.

190 days ago


The only thing Leo should never ever do us dance. OMG

190 days ago


This must be a new spin on the infamous "Lindsay" of the Milkaholic commercial. They'll get a settlement. I can't wait until a movie uses my name.

190 days ago


It is better to remain silent and be thought inbred than to speak an remove all doubt.

190 days ago


Movies can basically do whatever they like, legally and portray groups of people however they want (as long as they claim it is indeed, fiction). It's been happening forever especially with indigenous peoples. An actor, producer, distribution company etc. can make their own moral or ethical decisions about whether or not they are going to be a part of it. For example, apparantly Nicole Kidman will NOT say the 'N' word in any context onscreen. She doesn't care if it's historical. That's her right.

190 days ago

Rectum?Damn Nearly Killed Him    

What's the big deal? They are inbreads. So the question is how do these inbreads know about lawsuits? Somebody's been feeding the animals again......

190 days ago


Will that work if the shoe fits? Um, think I'll be whoever he makes a movie about next.

190 days ago

OH, HELL NO!    

Damn Christian Bale is HOT! Love all his movies, I'm sure this one will be good too!

190 days ago

Sally M    

It's not defamatory to call them murderous, drug-addicted scofflaws when they actually ARE murderous, drug-addicted scofflaws.

190 days ago


First amendment freedom of speech. The same one TMZ hides behind when they lie, insinuate, slander, libel; just the basic bull****.

190 days ago


Oh lordy everyones racist

190 days ago
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