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Wu-Tang Affiliated Rapper

Haunting Video Before Penis Massacre

'God's Everything'

4/17/2014 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

041714_christ_bearer_launchThree years before Wu-Tang affiliated rapper Andre Johnson (aka Christ Bearer) severed his penis -- he told TMZ all about  his obsession with God.

We just dug up the 2011 video -- Johnson appears happy and optimistic, explaining his rap name Christ Bearer stems from God's influence. He told us, "God's everything. God's me. God's you. God is everywhere." He also calls RZA a "genius of life."

It all sounds harmless enough, but in the current context, it's eerie.


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Teresa andrews    

So sad.

156 days ago


So....God told him to cut off his unit?

156 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Now he's affiliated with the "No-Wang Clan".

156 days ago


"Haunting video before penis massacre" .... 3 years ago.

156 days ago


Huh?? I dont understand what he's saying ...

156 days ago


"Obsession with God"?

I don't see any "obsession" here; only a man who is answering questions that have been posed by a camera operator. If nothing, it would appear it's the camera operator who has some sort of obsession.

156 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

current context, as in a 3 year time span between your video and this event? because: obsession to god ==> cutting off your penis, right? the jews do that too, huh? what kind of warped twisted people do they hire at tmz to produce such psychotic 'connecting the dots'. there is no 'dots to be connected' but those ones you are trying to instill, hence brainwash. keep your vicious mentally ill, disgusting psychosis out of other people's minds. go worship charles manson for slaughtering a pregnant woman and ripping the baby out of her corpse and eating it, and shut the fuq up please, tmz schizo staff. first of all, YOUR FREAK REPORTER SAID ALL THOSE THINGS. 'GOD IS EVERYTHING, AND EVEN OPENED THE CONVERSATION ASKING ABOUT THESE SPECIFIC THINGS. AND NOW THEY ARE SAYING: HE'S SOME GOD FREAK??? really, tmz. you need to start having psych meds dispensaries in your office. and video evidence that your staff really took their meds. like a movement detector camera. the camera dude already sounds like he freakin high on pcp. and you freakin use that material?? what next? part timing for child porn camera guys?

156 days ago


Might as well off himself, once he's lucid and realizes he made chop suey out of his wenis there will be no reason to live

156 days ago


God told you to cut your penis off?

156 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Again: Many self-proclaimed "Rappers", and many
within the "Music" Industry, often adopt and adapt,
man-made, false doctrine and beliefs.
Many in the Hip Hop genre, maintain a true hatred
for Christians and Jews. I cannot tell you the number
of times I've heard or seen pure acts of Blasphemy.

From what little I've heard of this dude's "Music":
Mockery, under the guise of homage.
"Scientists", indeed. and Rave Section:
"The House of David: The Road to The Victory"

156 days ago


I think the Stylistics still tour - maybe they need a new lead singer. Or how about a Michael Jackson tribute act? Just trying to be helpful.

156 days ago


One in the hand is truly better than 2 in the bush?

156 days ago


Our sources say he's getting back into the rap game and is gonna change his name to Lil Stump

156 days ago


Obviously, this man is hurting, ( in more ways than one) NO PYNN INTENDED! all of the jokes and ridicule are all unnecessary . Tina mutilation is definitely not on my ok to do list . I'm glad that he failed at ending his life. He definitely needs to be surrounded by supporting loving, people, that deserve his trust. May god continue to keep him, & I hope they saved the severed unit & reattached it!! mental consulting & lots of companionship seem to be in order for this situation! Wu Tang Clan, your brother needs your love, support, & prayers right now.

156 days ago

Macc 6400    

This is stupid. There's nothing "haunting" about this video. It's an interview with an inebriated rapper who's happy about where's he's at in life (finally out the hood), and he thanks God for it all.

156 days ago
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