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UCLA to Sterling

We Don't Want Your Money!

4/29/2014 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UCLA is saying thanks but no thanks to Donald Sterling's $3 million pledge ... saying essentially its dirty money and they don't want it.

Sterling gifted $3 mil to the school, with an initial check for $425,000.  The money was earmarked for kidney research.

A UCLA spokesperson says, "Mr. Sterling's divisive and hurtful comments demonstrate that he does not share UCLA's core values as a public university that fosters diversity, inclusion and respect."

And get this.  The ad (above) that was placed in Sunday's L.A. Times is a "thank you" from UCLA to Donald and Shelly Sterling.  UCLA claims the ad was placed by Donald Sterling, NOT the university.
We just got off the  phone with a rep for the L.A.'s Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance, who says they got $30K from Sterling over the last 3 years ... and they're keeping it -- because the money's already been spent on programs to help fight racism.  But ... they won't accept any money in the future.

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Paul Z    

Donald Sterling, as with all of us, should be free to hold an opinion, no matter who disagrees with it or how outrageous it may be about anything/ anyone-without retribution. Those who disagree are free to voice their opinions of him or economically boycott his enterprises.

185 days ago


We put up with racist blacks including the 'she' who slept with the guy as she took the tapes. How dare UCLA turn down from him what many of the black racists don't even give. We need people's lives saved. That is not a good thing UCLA .. you did that while we applaud black racists who were in the news today ... How dare you take from people a gift that will keep them from being healed. UCLA you are not without crimes of your own

185 days ago



185 days ago


Wpw TMZ, talk about getting a story wrong.$30,000 is not anywhere in the park as $3m and even $425,000. You had said UCLA initially said "No thanks"..maybe check some facts first of all. Egg on your face.

185 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I hope UCLA reconsiders. At the very least the Sterling family can turn around and donate it under the wife's name or anonymously. Hospitals desperately need research money from the wealthy and John and Jane Doe with any amount no matter how small. This is a big blow . Personally all this falling out caused by one man not using his brains and not thinking before he speaks he is getting over done big time. All politics . Ugh

185 days ago


It's as though this man has never donated to a good cause in his life! What a bunch of bandwagon jumpers! UCLA doesn't even accept whites in admissions anymore do they , or it is just a lot less than the percentage of the population because whites are dumber? TMZ is so ready to out this guy for hate speech but why did they do to out the movie director who post his sexual assault trial recently after he sexually assaulted, the libeled, then maliciously cross sued his victim after making transgender hate sites about her? Zero! ***So odd the NBA cares more about speech. What about NBA players who actually are convicted of crimes! The entertainment business doesn't even report when a director loses a trial or is under criminal investigation let alone impact his employment : If he was in the film industry he could say AND DO whatever he wanted to her and the industry wouldn't care: Entertainment industry cover up department: The supervising art director for Django Unchained, Interstellar (2014), Amazing Spider Man, Spider Man 3, Iron Man 1 &2, A Few Good Men, Lethal Weapon films, Charlies Angels and many other films lost at trial last month on charges of sexual a s s a u l t, libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress of award winning transgender singer Bralalalala. The director had been offering solicitation of the singers products but the singer did not realize it required sex until she was a s s a u l t e d on his couch after being declined a ride home. The girlfriend of the director lured the singer and other women to the house at other times on strictly platonic professional related pretenses. The directors effort to sue the singer and random others was dismissed. The criminal case remains pending and this civil case is not appealed. The case was not reported to keep the social status quo being that the victim is transgender and the assailant is a director of so many blockbuster films.

185 days ago


Let's see...forced to sell the Clippers at probably more than a $1 billion profit on a $12 million investment, getting handed back millions of dollars of charity donation. Yeah...THAT ought to teach Sterling he can't profit from racism

185 days ago


F tards, take the money and put it to good use in the research

185 days ago


If they return it they should resign. This is about saving peoples lives.

185 days ago


Let's all take a moment to show our compassion to all the victims of crimes for which members of the NBA have been convicted..all while we are at it.. All sports organizations, film companies, music companies and television companies..and a moment o compassion and public acknowledgement of the civilly punished abuses public citizens have endured at the hands of these "celebrities." After we do that, let's talk about this incident with Sherling if you even want to call it that.

185 days ago


This is punishing innocent people who need help. I totally disagree with giving back something that's ment to help so many!

185 days ago

Sarah Sota     

So people that cud benefit from kidney research r going to be affected. Unreal. This is so over the top it's disgusting. This whole situation is going to create more racists, not enlighten anyone.

185 days ago


When is TMZ going to update us on any pending criminal charges against V. Stiviano for the surrepticious recording? Has Sterling confirmed both parties knew he was being recorded?

185 days ago


Well done UCLA. Donald Sterling is a pathetic ass for publicly thanking himself

185 days ago


And UCLA grabs their seat on the band wagon.

185 days ago
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