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L.A. Clippers


After Donald Sterling Ban

4/29/2014 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The L.A. Clippers organization made a huge statement on its official website in the wake of the announcement that Donald Sterling is banned for life from the NBA ... saying simply, "We Are One."

Unclear who made the decision to post the message on the team website, since Sterling is no longer calling the shots.

The Clippers also released a statement saying, "We wholeheartedly support and embrace the decision by the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver today. Now the healing process begins."

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To all mankind    

We should remember when facilities such as the Staple Center are built there are tax incentives and tax abatements given to the development team and owners, sterling has been given benefits that have stipulations such as job creation and retention for the under privilege communities. His comments are so contrary to the obligation for the community in which he was to assist because of the benefits he received. There is no room for such discrimination and hatred in our society and if you don't agree sit on the other side of the table. Sterling's past comments and behavior is deplorable and should not be tolerated. Commissioner Silver got it right.

91 days ago


They have to support the choices made publicly lol
It's called legal ramifications

91 days ago


Please don't kid yourself. The man has unlimited resources. He is and always will be calling the shots, just paying enough to have someone else look like they are. It's all just damage control now. Just like the wife and daughter and son in law saying how outraged they are and what a shock this is... Come on, like they never knew he felt this way??? He spoke openly to a girlfriend of only 3 years while knowing it was being taped but never shared these views with his wife and adult kids????

91 days ago

Roberik 22    

It's always abt money. Let's not forget.

91 days ago


Why doesn't anybody including the Clippers take a stand against black racist like snoop dog? Double standards

91 days ago


He not going to live to long

91 days ago


Using this logic, should Obama's former racist pastor lost his church, or is that different? Unfortunately Racism will always exist. A small percentage of every race has racist people.

91 days ago

Shaquille O'Neal     

YAWN!!!!!!! Who cares?! Big deal!!!

91 days ago


This entire story is one big joke, this entire organization and the NBA and the sports media have known for years this guy was a racist, he had law suits against him for racism , now all of a sudden they act surprised? This is all one big act so someone can buy this team cheap and get Sterling out of the way.

91 days ago




91 days ago


The fact is the few billionaire racist that run the globe are still very successful at keeping the world segregated through economic, medical, and social attack on those who are systematically withheld from earning or making money... Not true? Examples OPEC, the new Greenspan, Ethiopia, Iraq, Financial Stock Markets... This chump is a small fry compared to the true oppressors... This guy can still run the team through a 3rd party, so nothing has really been accomplished BUT at least people are more aware of the world we live in and hopefully now people will take action against racism in there daily lives... We gotta fight for our right to paaarty... All inclusively of course

91 days ago


When is TMZ going to update us on any pending criminal charges against V. Stiviano for the surrepticious recording? Has Sterling confirmed both parties knew he was being recorded?

91 days ago


This is a loosely related version of the Penn State "We are , Penn State" message.

91 days ago


WE ARE ONE that have cashed this guy's checks all along, and will continue. They are almost as bad as that skank. Tell us some more about their principles.

91 days ago


The man is eighty years old. The NBA has been aware of his views for years and did nothing about it. He sounds like an old ignorant plantation owner who doesn't want to associate with black people but doesn't mind making money off of them and sleeping with them. I say let the man stay and fine him every time he says something ignorant. At the end of the day do we.believe he is the only billionaire team owner who feels this way? He was the one who got caught. If he was talking this way to a side chick you better believe some of the other owner do too.at least the plantations these players play on are airconditioned and the money is good.

91 days ago
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