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Oprah Winfrey

Hey Donald Sterling ...


4/29/2014 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey Donald SterlingOprah Winfrey just came out firing at Donald Sterling -- telling TMZ Sports, "We're off the plantation! The plantation days are over!"

The Big O just broke her silence on the Sterling situation while leaving CBS in NYC -- and told us the ideal resolution would be for Magic Johnson to take over the Clips ... "That would be really cool."

But despite the impact of the Sterling story -- and the fact President Obama even weighed in -- Oprah says it's not the biggest story of her lifetime ... that distinction goes to ANOTHER big case involving a huge sports star. 

Check out the clip.

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Oprah comments are stupid. The LAPlaywrs choose to live the Americans dream of basketball. The money these players make is unreal. If that is a plantation everybody would be a slave with millions of dollars in their hands. Oprah is saying the NBA is a plantation and everybody should quit playing basketball. Oprah is also saying Africans Americans need to stay away from basketball and find other jobs. Thanks for speaking for your race Oprah and putting the word out aghast basketball and the NBA. : )

178 days ago


Who made Oprah the spokesperson on race relations? I didn't get the memo.

178 days ago

Shaquille O'Neal     

Oprah is a crazy racist pig herself!! She should pipe down! Oink oink!!

178 days ago


Top 3 things racists say when they are defending their own.
1. That black person said something racist. Why is there nobody complaining about that?
2. Blacks say the word ni@@er all the time, why do they get mad when someone else does?
3.Why don't Al Sharpton and his race pushers come around when theirs a hate crime against the white man?

Go to any thread that has a racial issue and you will see one of these questions guaranteed.

178 days ago


First of all, your embarrassing for letting this man love you and putting him on blast for publicity, biting the hand that feeds you! This man is mainly concerned with your instagram whoredom and his judgmental associates. We all know by now that out of the top few white seniors that own these teams, some are still racist. If you genuinely cared about this issue you would try to help him overcome this mental barrier or not be with him at all. Instead you suck off him for fame. Classy. This guy is clearly jealous and fears public opinion, suggesting his associates are racist and foolish. They and their respective companies should be boycotted. GUYS, this whole industry is racist, from the owners to the sponsors, like NIKE, who pay billions to athletes to promote their products to young black poor kids at 100 x the price their worth, after paying poor kids slave wages to make them overseas . It's a global issue and everyone needs to recognize their part of the problem, from consumers to athletes.

178 days ago


She's a slave to thread counts.

178 days ago


Oprah's so beautiful and so cool!!!

178 days ago


Oprah, that Donna Summer 1978 hair do has got to go!

178 days ago


Oh quit talking ish about oprah. U ALL know U would be her if u could. Retards.... Lmmfao

178 days ago

nipples mugee    

What a beast, hypocrite, rich Jews made her billions ...

178 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

O Op-frah! Like you never said anything inappropriate or racist in the privacy of your own home. Come on!
Since when don't we have the right of freedom of speech in our own home. I don't agree what this Di.ck said or what I ever say it. But I do agree what you say in private should be kept in private. This girl is extorting him. That's worst than be racist in your own home.

178 days ago


As much as I hate any form of racism... It was very wrong of the girl to tape him. :/

178 days ago


Talk about ophra all yall want she richer than some of yall.

178 days ago

The Neck     

Oprah "Every thing is racist if I don't get my way" Winfrey hardly has the credentials to speak on this issue.

178 days ago

nipples mugee    

Dammit TMZ, could you please add another worthless advertisement to this website ? You do understand this keeps locking up my web browser? And if its locking up mine its doing the same to others.. Why do you need 3560... lines of code for a single page ?

178 days ago
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