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Donald Sterling


... Says Larry Elder

4/30/2014 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sterling is getting SCREWED by the NBA ... so says African-American radio host Larry Elder who actually blames Magic Johnson for blowing the whole thing out of proportion.

Elder appeared on Fox 11 in L.A. yesterday and DEFENDED the disgraced Clippers owner during a heated exchange ... saying Sterling would still own the team if Magic would've kept his cool after the audio was released. 

"Magic Johnson could have taken this thing to a nice high level ... and he could've said, 'I don't care what Donald Sterling says,'" Elder said.

Elder went on defend Sterling's statements .... "The worst thing [Sterling] said was 'Don't bring your black friends to the games.' The black friends can go, just don't have em sit next to you. If Magic wants to go, just don't have him sit next to you ... for that, he loses his team?"

"It's not fair."

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Uncle Tom!

175 days ago

Bob Barker    

It was blown way out of proportion. Silver did what he had to do, though.

175 days ago


Magic wasn't the person who sold/gave the recordings to TMZ. Donald has no one to blame but himself. What idiot records all conversations, so they can remeber what they said. Maybe instead of talking smack about blacks maybe Donald should take his behind to a doc and get a script for some Aricept.

175 days ago


If I'm not mistaken it wasn't Magic who recorded this fool nor did he give/sell the recordings to TMZ. He just happened to be in the photo. He was brought into this whole mess Only person to blame here is Donald Sterling.

175 days ago


Elder is right.

175 days ago


Sterling has a right to say whatever he wants to say .freedom of speech . i wouldn't want my g/f or wife sitting next to johnson either .. Period.. silver is just another over paid puppet .. come on folks get real .. racist my a.... if he is why is rivers the head coach,why does he have other black friends,you people are ridiculous !

175 days ago


Elder loves Massa

175 days ago

Robert Brown    

Rarely, should you call a black man an Uncle Tom, but here you go. Donald Sterling, has a history of unfair treatment toward minorities and furthermore, women. Sometimes it's better not to say anything, than to be the only stupid voice in the room, Uncle Elder. As a person of color, I'm proud of the decision made and applaud the commissioner and everyone who stood together on this issue. Uncle Elder, shut up and find another topic to be the odd-man out.

175 days ago

Just My Opinion    

I don't think he should have been banned for life, when the dude is in his 80's. The dude said "black people"not those Ns. it was uncalled for, YES, but look at the age of the dude. Does anyone have that much sense left at that age? What is said was more stupid, than should be looked at as a racist comment, when there are black people on his team. I think a ban for life was too harsh. People have said and done a lot worse, and wasn't banned for life.
The high price fine, and maybe can't come for a while to some games would have been enough punishment
What about illegal tapping someone? Is that not illegal any more, because everyone is getting spied on these days?

175 days ago


Here's a prime example of when sum black ppl get money n have a job then forget where they came from and deep down believes there now white.

175 days ago

rick worrell    

my question to everybody that has chimed in on this can you look into your heart and say i have never had a racial thought about anyother ethnic group, i bet no, one can, i have seen many times people are quick to jump on a band wagon, and throw stones but they are just as guilty as saying things or thinking things about other people they have not been caught,

175 days ago

rick worrell    

i wonder how many people who have spoken out about this can honestly say they have never said anything or thought anything bad about whites, blacks, hispanics ,asians, etc, if they say they havenot, they are not being honest with theirself.

174 days ago


You don't no anything for sure .. first of all .. anything you repeat of what others may have said is hear say Kid .. Sterling is a out standing person and would help any 1 no matter their color .. FOOL .. look it up and see what he has done .b4 u shoot your mouth off..just because johnson and 80 percent of the nba is black don't make it so !

174 days ago


I think a individual has the right to say whatever in the home. I also seen where a university rejected money for research. My wife is on the insulin pump and we don't have the money for supplies. I would not turn down a grant like they did.

174 days ago


If you're white and disagree with the NBA's punishment of Sterling, you are racist. If you are black and disagree with it, you are an Uncle Tom. Better just be quiet and agree.

174 days ago
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