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L.A. Clippers For Sale?

We'll Buy The Clips...

But Only If Magic Doesn't Want 'Em

5/1/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. Clippers aren't for sale -- yet -- but Donald Sterling's already getting offers, including a serious proposal from a group of investors who claim they're SECOND best ... behind Magic.

TMZ obtained a letter from a Florida law firm claiming to represent a consortium of foreign investors -- including several African-Americans -- who are prepared to offer a "substantial" sum for the team.

BUT ... the proposal is contingent ... first and foremost, the investors say they will NOT negotiate if Magic becomes a serious bidder ... that's because they hold him in such high esteem.

The letter -- written by attorney Bradford M. Cohen -- says, "We will not engage in a bidding war with Mr. Johnson out of respect for his character and his ability to wipe the tarnish off of the LA Clippers from your most recent comments."

The group's other stipulations --

1) A lifetime ban on Sterling from ALL Clippers games (which is already done, done and done).

2) A waiver from all lawsuits stemming from Sterling's conduct, "including alleged statements such as, you wanting to fill your team with 'poor black boys from the South and a white head coach.'"

The investors urge Sterling to consider the offer ... given his current relationship with Clipper coaches and players.

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No Avatar


I'm in the bidding too... wish me luck TMZ

178 days ago


Magic should buy it but I doubt if he sells anytime soon but if the other investors check out they should buy it

178 days ago

The Truth    

"Out of respect for Magics character"?? Don't get me wrong life long Lakers fan and fan of Magic, respect his character WTF. Got HIV while cheating on his wife, supports his kids lifestyle and I am not talking about being gay the way he carries himself, made millions after taking advantage of the Rodney Kings riots, was taking pictures and fu$king Sterlings GF and the list goes on and on...fan of Magic's game not his character.

178 days ago


i would relinquish the rights to my family and tell the nba to **** off

178 days ago


Holla ``` for a billion `` dollas`s!!

178 days ago


It's despicable the way Sterling thinks- but this is America, just because someone is a POS, doesn't mean that they should be forced out when they OWN something.

178 days ago


I'm convinced at this point Magic is more involved than just showing up in a few pictures with the whore. Was it public knowledge he wanted to buy the team previously?

178 days ago


Mr NBA, Adam Silver has already decided for the team owners. He has threaten any owners who votes against this will be called out. It'll be like placing them in front of a firing squad for everyone to attack. They have no choice... Adam Silver is the judge and jury to the outcome... I thought this was still America.

178 days ago


Does the crime fit the punishment? Oh wait there was no crime....

178 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

I just do not see legitimate business people making billion dollar decisions based on somebody's character. Oh, if Mr. Nice guy wants to buy this incredibly profitable franchise, then we won't stand in his way. Doesn't sound legit to me, but it did get the attorney some free publicity.

178 days ago

Double Bubble    

Shouldnt the team be -For Sale- before all the blacks start fighting over it like its a piece of fried chicken?
Usually people who say they hate racists, dont stand in line trying to pay the racist millions for something he owns.. Way to go blacks, that'll teach him!

178 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

I am now convinced Magic was behind this from the start with this girl. I am shocked. I used to love Magic but he used racism to wrest this team away from that old man. Karma will get ya Magic. He duped all his NBA buddies and all of America in the worst way

178 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

The police need to look into this. Magic, the girl and anyone else complicit(tmz) should be prosecuted. MBA needs to apologize TI sterling and give him his team back

178 days ago

Jet Setter    

When a person is in the public eye their CHARACTER can cause them to get reprimanded by their employer. This was the case! Similarly, if the black president of the USA was recorded as saying similar things about whites he would be forced to step down. #FOX NEWS #MILLENIAL SPEAKS

178 days ago


you buy a team for 13 mil and now you really want to sell it for like 1 billion , so what do you do ? i guess make a couple of racial comments leak to the press , seems like it's work ing so far . hook, bobber and sinker fulls

178 days ago
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