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Donald Sterling

First Black Ally

5/3/2014 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sterling apparently prefers black models to Barbara Walters, because hours after rejecting Babs, he got all handsy with a beautiful black model at a Beverly Hills hotspot.

TMZ Sports got the photo ... Sterling made a beeline Friday afternoon from the Four Seasons Hotel in Bev Hills to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where he dined with 3 women and 2 men at the famed Polo Lounge.

We're told Donald had some wine at the table and was little tipsy, when he got up to leave and a beautiful black model named Jasmine and her boyfriend got up from the bar and followed him to the front of the restaurant.

We're told Jasmine asked Sterling if she could take a photo with him, and he responded, "I'm not that popular right now.  Are you sure?'  Jasmine said she was game, and her boyfriend -- who is white and Jewish -- snapped away.

Jasmine tells TMZ Sports ... Sterling then told her repeatedly how beautiful she was and put his hands around her several more times.  Jasmine tells us, "He was definitely checking me out.  He wasn't really looking at my face that much."

As for how Jasmine feels about Sterling, she says,  "It's 2014.  I feel that everyone is a little bit racist and comedians joke about it all the time.  But yeah, I do think he's racist."

But it wasn't all smooth sailing for Sterling.  Inside the Polo Lounge a black guy angrily stared him down the entire meal.

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Oh please, this t wat and her boyfriend were just mocking Sterling and as you can see, trying to get the ir 15min. which TMZ happily obliged.

139 days ago


Ally all right, just a whore looking for big bucks:) and she thinks he a racist, brilliant.

139 days ago


Ugh, stop reporting on this guy.

139 days ago


I guess it does not take much to become a "model" she is ugly and obviously is using him to get her name out. Also why does it matter that her bf is white?

139 days ago


Leave the man alone now, kids say worse things at school for god's sake. Besides either way you look at it he'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

139 days ago


You know om both sides that was a sweet exchange. I don't think she did that for publicity, I think she asked him for a photo out of kindness to make him feel good. And I think anyone who thinks he is really a true racist needs to ask themself "have you ever seen a member of the KKK publicly having non white mistresses? I feel sorry for anyone attacked by this gang like mentality of some really stupid stupid people. And TmZ, you are part of the problem. I know for a fact you knew damn well this 80 yr old man had cancer before you released those tapes. Anyone who has cancer or is taking care of someone with cancer I can tell you from both sides, you are not 100% on your A game mentally, especially if you have chemo or radiation. I've been in remission 6 yrs and still am not even close to being 100% :( What is lacking in this country is sympathy and empathy for others. That is a damn shame :(

139 days ago

Mr. Smith    

Sorry for the insecure black guy, he's mad because Don doesn't want his flame to post pictures with other guys and from other teams and he takes it personally. After years of renting thousands of apartments to a myriad of tenants, Sterling has a biased history from running his apartments. The angry brother has a personal take on who Dons lover has sitting court side in his seats, because he's kinda special.

139 days ago


Jews have never like black people its a religous thing. This is not about race.

139 days ago

Tess Tuckles    

Hahaha...bitches and rich dudes.

139 days ago


I Used To Race Motorcycles...

Does That Make Me A "Racist"?

139 days ago


that is I think Jasmine St, Claire of the worlds largest gangbang fame

139 days ago


She had to work fast, he is 80 and has the cancer!

This guy is not a racist I think he has proved this over the years by donating money., He would not be siting with this girl in public with her dark skin if he was a racist! What in the world is wrong with people? She knew what to do to get herself in the spotlight, It's very sad what she did to this senior citizen of 80 years old. They should put her in jail for coning this elderly man out of millions!, She is the one that should apologize for getting all this false racist stuff going, I think she worked very hard hanging out with these young good looking black guys to get this guy to say these words out of jealousy, Then she says this tape was put in a safe place, for safe keeping! For what?, I think to try and black mail him! Since we now know he has cancer, I think she was trying to black mail him before he died! If he died what would she get then? I think just after she got as much money as she could from him, She then get's the tape rolling! I don't like racist people at all, I don't think this guy is racist, However, he has the right to ask this girl he just spent over 2 million on and is dateing? sleeping with or whatever? not to be hanging out in public with others, anyone at all! We all know in truth this was done out of jealousy and nothing more, he would have asked her not to hang out or bring whites guys to the game if she had been hanging out with white guys as much and in the same way posting and all of that!, She hang out with these young hansom black guy's and famous guys knowing he would be jealous and would make these statements out of jealousy! That's why she had the tape recorder going? She had planned this as anyone can see I think! That make this 80 year old guy a victim of a greedy ''''', This girl I think was planning to take him for every penny she could get before he dies of this cancer! She should be put in jail! Shame on her!

139 days ago

oh really     

I wish he would have buttoned the bottom of his shirt up

139 days ago


another tranny

139 days ago


Harvey i think you hate white people because of the way you report. White HATER!!!

139 days ago
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