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Donald Sterling


... Defend Me!

5/4/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0428-donald-sterling-getty-01Donald Sterling is desperately trying to play the "I have black friends" card ... problem is, he can't get a black friend on board ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Sources connected to Sterling tell us ... the disgraced L.A. Clippers owner has reached out to several people he considers friends -- hoping they will vouch for him as a not-racist person. 

We're told one of the people he reached out to is an African-American basketball player -- who respectfully declined Sterling's request ... along with everyone else Donald reached out to.

Maybe he should try to get Larry Elder's number.

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V. Stiviano is indeed black, no matter how much she hates herself and her original nose and tries to deny it, it's still obvious

175 days ago


And stop calling her "Stiviano", completely fake last name, it's probably Jackson or Lopez

175 days ago


so hi black friends are leaving him to hang, how racist of them

175 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Donald, stupid people are going to think what they want about you, no matter what you do. Mel Gibson has black friends that stood up for him. Did that do much good?
Those people just want to keep hate in their heart for you people. These people like to keep on trashing and bad mouthing you guys, and go to the trouble of making stupid $#!^ up to post on youtube, like they have Mel Gibson. In reality those people are by far worse than you and Mel Gibson are.

175 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Where's Al and Jesse? Oh ... wait ..

175 days ago


Hope he sues her ASAP

175 days ago

Long shot    

Any body who defend this sick man is also sick..........

175 days ago


There is a reason why god made us black and white.... Black and white arent colours :-)

175 days ago


i will defend Don for $50,000 dollars

175 days ago


They are all conspiring together to take him team away from him and his family. T

175 days ago


Conspiracy?? I don't think so!! He did this to himself! There is NO room for racist people in ANY cir***stances! We have enough problems with out this! Lord knows it still goes on, but really it should NOT be tolerated EVER!!!

175 days ago


Where's the out cry in the news media and here regarding the young black youths going around knocking out people that aren't black. Isn't that racists? That's worse than someone's private conversation being taped . If it were whites doing it it would be all over the airwaves as racism and hatred against blacks. The Pres would probably send out the national guard to stop it. And you could have all the black talking heads on all the shows saying again how white people are out to kill young black boys. If you can't see a double standard in this then you also are truly racists.

175 days ago


His comments speak for themselves, so there is no need to defend him. It was racist to demand that his "girlfriend" remove all black people from her Instagram.

174 days ago

Jan Vidu    

(I really can't believe that I am actually making an effort to make this comment) Stop trying to destroy a persons life for no damn reason, Look!!! I am black & I am a minority & my word counts, I have listen to the whole audio recording of the phone conversation between Donald & his gif, & I can tell you with utmost certainty that Donald is in-fact not a racist at all,, period. Actually he is far from it. It is not only stupid to call him a racist but it absolutely retarded. He is just an insecure man who is scared & worried about what other people think of him. Specially when his GF is appearing in public with a minority, specially with a Black person. You have to understand that this is an old man who is dating a considerably young women compared to his age. & when his friends or people who he knows see photos of his GF hanging out with another black person perhaps he feels scared & worried that people will perhaps wrongly assume that although his young gf (compared to his age) is in a committed relationship with him (a wealthy "Old" Man) but she is having sexual intercourse with black people on the side. *Specially when it comes to black people we have a reputation not only to be considerably good in bed but also to have a certain sexual organ in a size that is far beyond from average. If you are a old white man who is rich & who is considerably famous, & who has an image to protect, then can you honestly say that you will act any other way if you were him???.(I mean if you were an insecure old man who worry about what other people think) & don't forget the fact that Donald belongs to a different generation & therefor he may be looking at the modern world in a different point of view. Just carefully listen to the whole audio recording, during his phone conversation with his GF the only thing he requests from her is to not to broadcast her personal meetings with black people via social media, he is not asking her to stop meeting with them or even to limit her meetings with the minorities, he is just asking her to stop broadcasting that stuff in public via social media. *Clearly because of the above mentioned insecurity of his. Sure!! he may sound like a racist during this phone conversation but really he is not. *The main goal Donald clearly wanted to approach from this phone conversation is to stop his GF from broadcasting her meetings with black people in public via Social Media, in-order to approach that particular specific goal (*since he can't reveal the truth about his insecurity directly to his GF because just like any other man in this world he also has a little thing called pride) he may have said many things that may have appeared to be racist & of course those comments are indeed extremely & utterly hurtful to any black person who is listening , BUT GUESS WHAT, THIS "CONVERSATION WAS A PRIVATE PHONE CONVERSATION WHICH HE HAD WITH HIS GF, WHICH WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE PUBLIC". & also note during his phone conversation with her , not once had he said any hateful thing about minorities at all. He goes on saying "minorities are fabulous" "There is nothing wrong with Minorities" & so on. These are clearly not the words of a Racist. **& here is the real kicker a true racist will never in a million years will date a Black or Latin women as his GF. That is a thing which will never ever happen. Sure! a racist will perhaps have a one night stand (Screw) with a women of a minority but such a person will never ever have a long term relationship with a women of a minority specially "in public" . As you all know, Donald's GF is a Latin women who is a minority. Therefor if you take all the above mentioned information together then you will clearly see that Donald is In-fact NOT A RACIST. Not only that he is a considerably good charitable person. Just look at all the charities & organizations who is currently returning his donations today.

Look!! you have to understand that the cold harsh reality is nobody is perfect is this world, not me, not you, not even the great Obama who I personally love & admire. We all have many flows of our own that's a part of us being human.

What you can't see is, (what 99.99% people are too blind & incapable of seeing is) In this particular matter Donald is not the racist, "he is the victim". He is the victim of his fame "W" girl friend. Look! his GF clearly knows that he is not a racist & she clearly understands the true reason why he doesn't like her to broadcast her meetings with minorities via social media. Surely she can't be that stupid. If you listen to the audio recording very carefully with a non prejudgementle state of mind then you will clearly see that the person who is clearly trying to make Donald appear to be a racist is non other than his girl-friend. She is the only person in this recording who is talking about "color of her skin, & her eternity & about how Donald may be allergic to minorities". It is like she is trying to put words in Donald's mouth. That's why Donald is repeatedly saying "it is like talking to an enemy". The only thing Donald truly want's from her is to simply stop broadcasting her meetings with minorities via social media not because he is a racist but because he is an insecure old man. In truth he really don't care wether his GF meets with white people or with minorities or sleep with both of them together or separately & this has nothing to do with racism at all. Donald is the victim here. This is a private phone conversation which was never meant to be public, he is a victim of his own success & his attention seeking "C" of a girl friend. In conclusion Donald does not deserve this at all, so stop trying to destroy his life for nothing. I am not trying to tell you that he is a saint, I am not even trying to tell you that he is even a good decent human being, but he clearly does not deserve this, because he is not a racist.

173 days ago


Look...so whats the big deal. I have heard worse from blacks about whites. Blacks need to grow up and stop acting like ******s. Every time you cry and whine about something like this it makes you look bad. What a bunch of tittie babies! I have been called honkey, cracker, white trash....so what! What thew hell do I care! You cry theres to many blacks in jail...its racist! STFU! They are there because they did the crime...Grow...no better yet ...go back to Kenya or where ever you came from hehehehe

172 days ago
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