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Paul Mooney

Hurls N-Word at Audience Member

During Arsenio Taping

5/5/2014 8:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Legendary comic Paul Mooney got downright racial during a taping of the Arsenio Hall show Monday night ...  spitting the N-bomb at an audience member in a performance that's being hailed as "the most embarrassing, disrespectful standup bombing ever."

Mooney -- who famously appeared on "Chappelle's Show" and wrote for Richard Pryor -- was booked to do a short standup bit on Arsenio ... but rambled on for more than 14 minutes in a bizarre routine that touched on everything from "Roots" to Obama to his admiration of an audience member's giant breasts.

But things really went off the rails when Mooney turned his attention to a black guy in the audience who he called a "bald-headed n**ga."

One person who was there tells us ... the crowd was stunned -- and sat in awkward silence as Mooney tried to transition into different material.

We're told it appeared producers were scrambling to cut him off and end the segment -- but Paul ignored the cues and kept going until a crew member used the P.A. system to interrupt him ... and a staff member went on stage to tell him to wrap it up.

One audience member tweeted about the scene -- saying, "OMG! I just witnessed THE MOST EMBARASSING, Disrespectful "standup" BOMBING ever by Paul Mooney @arseniohall I wanted to walk out!"

Eventually, Arsenio jumped in and helped end the segment in a respectful manner.
update_graphic_red_barThe bit that made air was severely edited down, but you could see that Mooney was rambling and making almost no sense. It ends rather abruptly after about three minutes. Check it out below.


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172 days ago


Bitter old man...

172 days ago


Is he being banned for life?

172 days ago


I was there and he asked the guy with the P.A if he was white? Because the crew member asked him if he could say thank you and good bye. He was rude and out of place telling larger women he know they love to eat. Shame to hear and I'm Mexican! When he used the N word the black folks were like hold up!

172 days ago


On the clip that was shown hear shows nothing offensive from a comedian.SMH....Making something out of nothing.

172 days ago


Damn, he's a funny comedian. But wtf happened to u forget to take ur meds or did he take sum he wasn't cause that's crazy the way he was acting.

172 days ago


Too funny how the idiot who tweet they wanted to walk out. Really? Over a black guy saying the n-word? Must live in lilly white-ville.

172 days ago


I was in the audience yesterday. That was the most disgusting, awkward situation that I've ever had to witness. No one was laughing.... The guy didn't tell any jokes. He just yelled out racial insults to people. Either that, or he'd tell people that they were fat. He had absolutely no material. What a disappointment!! His comedic presence is pathetic and he deserves whatever backlash he gets from this. When Arsenio asked Bill Cosby what he thought of Paul Mooney, Bill just shook his head and covered his face with his hands....what does that tell you?

171 days ago

Roy Roberts    

There is no way The Arsenio Hall show could be surprised that Paul Mooney acted like Paul Mooney. Mr Mooney has been a controversial comics for decades! His act has always pretty much used race as the main theme.
I saw Paul Mooney at the Improv in a Cleveland this year. Maybe some of Arsenio's production staff should have caught a show before inviting him on?

171 days ago


Missed the part in question, Mooney is such an incoherent mess I couldn't sit still for it. Speaking of "black don't crack", this might explain things. I think Paul's like eighty-something.

171 days ago


OMFG! you people are so stupid. He has been calling people n****s for like decades. Back since he was a writer for Richard Prior, it's part of his comedy. And everyone respects him in the industry. Get your facts straight, bunch of retards lol.

171 days ago


who the **** cares.. TMZ you need to find something else to try and hate on

171 days ago


Paul Mooney is known for this type of comedy. Did you guys do any research or listen to what he's done in the past? I don't understand why Arsenio would have him on. Paul Mooney is an acquired taste. Not for mainstream! Someone didn't do their research by having him on the show.

171 days ago


What an old fart, boring a/f. Whine if you're white and make jokes about blacks...suck it up if you're black and make jokes about whites. Black on black jokes, white on white...what the hell, isn't there anyone just plain frikin funny out there without it being at someones else's expense...he could have cracked a hell of a lot more and funnier jokes anout his old sorry ass.

171 days ago

Tess Tuckles    

White people walk out of his shows all the damn time. He should be on Seinfelds new show with the car. That would be hi-larious

171 days ago
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