Rick Ross Sued By Photog I Hate To Be Negative, But You Jacked My Pics

5/7/2014 12:20 AM PDT

Rick Ross hates it when people steal other artists' work -- just ask LMFAO -- but now Rick's being sued for allegedly jacking the snaps of a famous hip hop photog.

Armen Djerrahian claims in a new lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- he shot photos of Ross for a magazine layout -- including the iconic photo of Ross pointing a finger to his head like it's a gun-- but claims Ross ripped off the image and is now using it illegally.

Djerrahian claims he also shot a bunch of rappers from Ross' Maybach Music group -- including Meek Mill, Gunplay and Omarion -- and now those pictures are popping up everywhere.

Djerrahian says his images are being used on posters, ads, internet banners, mixtape and cd covers, websites and all over social media ... even though he never gave anyone permission.

Ross needs a full time hired gun ... bad choice of words?