DJ Skribble Dissed by Vegas Club Again You Can't Sue Us For Saying You Suck

5/13/2014 12:20 AM PDT
DJ Skribble better get used to it ... someone saying he should be playing in a bathroom stall is not grounds for winning a lawsuit -- that's what a famous Las Vegas club is claiming anyway in legal docs. 

We broke the story ... Skribble -- aka Scott Ialacci -- sued Chateau Nightclub claiming its managers broke his contract by dumping him as house DJ ... and slandered him by saying he should be spinning in a bathroom.

Now the club's responding in legal docs ... saying the bathroom comment was just one guy's opinion, and can't be proved false since it's just his personal preference. 

Chateau claims it fulfilled its end of the contract -- paying Skribble per gig for up to one year -- and wants a judge to 86 the whole lawsuit.