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Magic Johnson


We Should Pray for Him

5/13/2014 10:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Magic Johnson has finally responded to Donald Sterling's vicious attack -- telling us the disgraced Clippers owner is deeply troubled ... and is in desperate need of help. 

Johnson just called in to "TMZ Live" ... and fired back at Sterling's allegations that he ignores the black community ... telling us he's dedicated his life -- and billions of dollars -- to giving back. 

"I'm a proud black man. I'm a leader in the black community and I take that role seriously," Johnson said. 

Magic says ... instead of attacking Sterling, he thinks the guy needs help -- and says he is praying for him. Though he points out Sterling has NOT once truly apologized to him or the black community. 

Johnson also says Sterling is pissed at the wrong person -- telling us, "He should point the anger at the young woman."

Magic says he thinks Sterling was also trying to pit blacks and Jews against each other during his interview with CNN -- but says he will NOT succeed. 

In the end, Magic says he's very secure with himself and won't let Sterling's comments bring him down -- saying, "It's sad. We just got to pray for him."


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What a bunch of ignorant, nasty trash commenting here much like the ignorant white trash in my home state of Texas. All the racists/haters here must have a combined IQ of well under 100.

171 days ago


Magic , you should pray for all of the affairs you had and hope they don't contact AIDS from your reckless behavior.

171 days ago


I think prayer is a load of nonsense

171 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Sometimes the more mature thing to do is just not respond. Magic chose to respond which is his right. Mr. Sterling does not need prayers nor help. He is who he is. Let the chips fall where they may with the NBA. The media IS milking this now, with he said she said and pundits showing up on shows with their 2 cents. I find this all boring now and waiting for the clock to stop on this one.

171 days ago


The guy is an idiot old man. There is some truth to what he is saying though. Something about glass houses. Too much judging and acting self righteous. We all have our flaws, Magic included. Magic is right though. Sterling has no reason to be mad at him.

171 days ago


Who is "we" lol. Im not praying for no illiterate jackass.

171 days ago


One of my friends who happens to be black, brought up a very valid statement about Magic Johnson last night, he said he understood what Sterling was talking about, He went on to say, he would rather have his kids have Bill Cosby or The Huxtables as their roll models than Magic Johnson, who bragged he had slept with 200 to 500 women a year for years. Bragged about having at least 1000 women or more. My friend said he doesn't want his boys thinking that's right or a goal. He also said that is probably the reason Johnson came down with HIV and he doesn't want his boys to do the same. Johnson also did this while he was MARRIED, another trait he doesn't want his boys to think is OK because he's a famous basketball player and he also said he wondered if Magic had not become sick, would he still be bedding 200-500 women a year? Through my friends eyes and observations, now I get what Donald Stirling was saying through an 80 year old fogged out mind.

171 days ago


here he goes again. everything is possessive, i this, i that, i got, etc... sterling is a pathetic old man and some others are now starting to sound like he did thirty 25 years ago. it's crazy, sterling was a kook in san diego and nba players and their league have always supported him, until recently. both sides are equally complicit and pathetic. hypocrites talk about boycotting this guy, despite taking his money in order to support their bling addiction. Now that things have gone public and magic was named publicly, suddenly they all act like this is recently developed behavior, while on the other hand claiming it can't be sterling's deteriorating brain. these guys all want it both ways. they all deserve each other. than goodness kobe hasn't weighed in, unlike lebron who's suddenly a world ambassador like magic.

171 days ago


Do any of you have 80 yr old relatives? They are not mentally there. 10 yrs ago my ex husband put his father in an altzeimers unit ans we were modified he kept referring to some of the black staff as the servants. We apologized over and over but they explained to us they are trained in this. Im not an expert on this subject but what the black employees told us is that these older people now where kids when slavery was around and demetia and altzeimers peoples brains think they are young again. I have no idea if that is true but I know his father was not a racist before he got old, he married someone from a country that was part black. All this racism talk really upsets me because there are legitimate cases that real discrimination occurs and when others use it for their own greedy needs it hurts the people that really do need help ; (

171 days ago


Magic, why are you and so many picking a fight with an "unarmed" man who is CLEARLY suffering from elderly dementia? You wouldn't pick this fight with a 3 yr old spouting off politically incorrect words. It will happen to YOU someday. Remember that. How many of us have had to suffer in convo with a crotchety older person who is spouting off jaw dropping, shameless words, ideas and opinions due to stages of senility when we had to do nothing but be respectful, endure the situation and leave them alone and not pick a fight as it would be futile? Just remember even those in the public eye who may have once been a viable and worthy partners or opponents succumb to plaque on the brain that steal away ability to have good judgement, make "normal" "acceptable" choices, memory and self control. Be careful where you tread as one day you may be making an a$$ out of yourself in the public eye, Magic. Some people get to decline with grace and dignity in privacy and SOME do not. 360....

171 days ago


I am floored by how ignorant so many of these commenters are. Racism is sadly very strong still.

171 days ago


Magic-ally no longer has Aids, is a fraud-

171 days ago


D.S. has been ridiculed, cursed and JUDGED by all and now M.J. wants to "pray for him"??! Yup, that's about how religious folks work and think.

M.J is taking this opportunity to make a name for himself. Has he forgotten about his own sin? He's a fine one to preach to the choir.

171 days ago


Really convenient that Stern Retires and Magic's puppet boy Silver takes over and this happens... SET UP!

171 days ago


Make the truth a lie and a lie the truth.....
This is a very dangerous, evil man. He cleverly he calls out Magic "For Not Doing Enough". What he's doing is trying to Demonize Magic by distracting, deflecting and dividing. The immature and ignorant will now say they agree with Sterling (who was doing the same things he accuses Magic of doing) and re-direct their anger and hate towards Magic Johnson.

171 days ago
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