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The Game

Claims LAPD and Hollywood Club are


5/16/2014 6:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

051614_the_game_launch_v2The LAPD and a popular L.A. nightclub have joined forces to keep black people and other minorities out of L.A. nightclubs -- so claims the Game -- but the LAPD is calling BS.

Game has beef with Lure nightclub in Hollywood -- the site of an extremely popular weekly event called Toxic ... a party which Game often hosted.  But Game says he's persona non grata, after secret meetings between Lure honchos and cops.

Game lays it out ... he says they're trying to block minorities, rappers and athletes from clubs.  He says it's pure and simple racism.

But LAPD sources tell us ... they have never met with Lure management to discuss keeping groups of people out of the club.  And Lure echoes that.

As for who you believe, you should factor this in ... Game and T.I. were in a tense standoff with LAPD cops earlier this month outside Supperclub -- owned by the same people who own Lure -- after a guy in their posse got beaten to a pulp by club security.

So we gotta ask ...



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maybe its because his group and most rapper entourage's act like a bunch of azzoes and cause trouble when they feel dis-repected (most overused word in a blackmans vocabulary)!!

159 days ago


The Lame has to keep his name in the press somehow. Mission accomplished. Throw out "racist" and BOOM. There your name is for the world to see.

159 days ago


They don't want/like rappers because they cause problems. That has nothing to do with race.

By the way, speaking of racists...has anyone listened to rap in the last decade? lol

159 days ago


I say we implement affirmative action in the sports and rap industry. Then he won't feel picked on.

159 days ago


Game over

159 days ago


Maybe because there are other people in the club spending money who just want to have a good time, and it's rappers, athletes, and minorities who are always causing problems at the clubs. It's not all minorities, but club management doesn't have time to personally write down every name specifically. $250,000 is not a lot compared to how much a club pulls down in one year. More clubs should do this. Let the other people with class have a good time. They don't wanna be bothered with elementary school fighting.

159 days ago


Rappers and athletes buy all the overpriced bottles. No owner would ban them.

159 days ago

white girl with a wooTy    

Nothing to do with skin color game. Your are a k own gang member. All over America clubs try to keep gangs out of night clubs .

159 days ago


No, they are not racist; they, like all of us, have lost patience with stupid, ignorant. violent mental defectives. People want to go to a club to unwind, relax and have a good time; without having to worry about some loud mouth virus starting something. If you don't like it, why don't you open your own clubs, to cater to your types. Why not do that? Oh yeah, that's right, you cant stand yourselves either.

159 days ago


Probrably Starling is the owner of that club and game you're not because you're black that's irrelevant your situation is becuase you're puff daddy and Beyonce don't have any problem. Jay Z is not welcome either !!

159 days ago


Game when you came out I thought you were a bad ass rapper. Now I truly think you want to be a Kardashian. You are on here as much as Bieber and the K family. Grow up and shave that pathetic beard.

You're lame as F these days blood....

159 days ago


Always crying racism boo fu-kin hoo!!

159 days ago


The truth is is that no one wants thug criminals with long dangerous histories of criminal behaviour near them. Even though the black athlete or rapper ( which i doubt) is clean, its their entourage of criminal thugs upstanding citizems dont want around. Birds of a feather flock together.

159 days ago


The RACE CARD being tossed around again, demeaning it's True meaning.

Business is in business to make MONEY.
They don't turn paying people away Unless there is a fiscal reason. Hello?

This dumb jerk needs a new Name cause, "Game" ain't something he's got!

Punk Racist

159 days ago

Abby S    

They are not racist. Whatever. The Game is a joke and the reason people don't like him and his posse is because they are a bunch of thugs. Morons that act like a bunch of crazed dogs. If he starts acting like an adult and maybe people with have a better attitude toward him. He will be broke or in jail within 2-3 years. Mark my word.

159 days ago
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