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Lindsay Lohan

$150,000 Richer

Miscarriage Details to Remain Secret

5/19/2014 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0519-lindsay-lohan-tmz-01Double victory for Lindsay Lohan ... she just got $150k to settle her lawsuit against a clothing company -- huge money for Linds -- and now, she won't have to talk about her miscarriage in court.

According to new legal docs, Lindsay's clothing label 6126 struck the settlement agreement this week with D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries, the company she sued last year for $1.1 million.

Lindsay claimed D.N.A.M. failed to pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars for licensing her 6126 trademark for international clothing sales. D.N.A.M. sued Lindsay right back, insisting her druggie reputation made it impossible to unload the merch.

We're told the settlement kills BOTH lawsuits -- and D.N.A.M.'s demand to force Lindsay to testify about the miscarriage ... which she had raised as an excuse for not responding to their lawsuit.  

No end to this chick's good luck.


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L. Ron Hubbard -Scientologist    

Another victory for this criminal scofflaw!

158 days ago


How is settling a $1.1Million dollar lawsuit for $150K a win? She'll blow that in one drug buy.

158 days ago


Washed up nappy skank!

158 days ago


She acts as if she is the only woman in the world to have a miscarriage. Join the club and get over it!

158 days ago


She acts as if she's the only woman in the world to ever have a miscarriage! Join the club and get over it!

158 days ago


Good for you Lindsay!!! Let all the haters hate. They are just jealous because you are famous. The same people that hate on Lindsay are the same people who think that Octomom is someone special and the same people who watch the kardashiam's mindless show

158 days ago


Good Luck!
She'll be on a slab in the morgue soon!

158 days ago


Why is it this woman can step in poo and comes out smelling of Chanel?

158 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Good. I didn't want to hear the fake details anyway.

158 days ago


Still looking good. Saw her naked in her new film, and trust me you fellas need to check it out, she's still got the goods. As long as you're hot you'll succeed, that's really the reality for girls. All the ugly chicks here on TMZ are going to deny that, but trust me because I keep it real. Truth.

158 days ago


That wh0re has probably had a dozen miscarriages she doesnt even know about.

158 days ago


i think she got abortions and miscarriage confused

158 days ago


Of course it wont be public cuz it never happened. Second she can't get preggo from all the drugs and booze. I know from.experience a miscarriage is not fun. It quite traumatic. But depending how far along u are. If she was that skinny having a miscarriage...she wasn't far along. Women have miscarriages all the time and a lot of time they don't know it. They may be a week or 2 late. And then a heavy period. That is a miscarriage a lot of times. (Doc told me this) I can understand a trimester miscarriage...a stillbirth...I may just sound brutal bit I just don't really know anyone..including myself...that holed their self up in their room.for 2 weeks mourning. And then come out and do a.reality just doesn't make sense to me. Plz someone tell me I'm.wrong...

158 days ago


I guess she has to get her money some how, because her acting career seems to be a distant memory.She used to have the movie deals falling in her lap.

158 days ago


Nice for lawyers fee...bytch !

158 days ago
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