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Phil Robertson

Yeah, I Meant What I Said About Gays

5/22/2014 6:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phil Robertson
is stronger than ever that homosexuality is an evil that deserves disdain and eternal damnation.

The "Duck Dynasty" star gave a fire-and-brimstone sermon on Easter Sunday ... way stronger than his comments to GQ last December that triggered a brief suspension from the show.

Robertson told his congregation last month, "Neither the sexually immoral, nor the idolators, nor adulterers nor male prostitutes, nor homosexual offenders, nor thieves, nor greedy, nor drunkards, nor slanderers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

Robertson also scoffed at the media for criticizing them ... scoffing that reporters were ignorant when it comes to the bible.


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ok seriously, free speech people, he is allowed to have his beliefs just like gays are allowed their rights, the whole world is not going to hold hands, sing the hokey pokey and walk off into the sunset, stop sabre rattling and move the hell on

123 days ago


Wake up people...these are NOT just Phil Robertson's words. Go open up your bibles or look at a bible online and read 1 Corinthians 6.....its not his opinion..its the bible verse.....goodness.

123 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Bearded ignorant bitch-boys won' t inherit the kingdom of god either.. BECAUSE THERE IS NO FREAKING KINGDOM OF GOD - THERE IS NO god. So, who gives a **** what this piece of human excrement thinks?

123 days ago

Stoked Rick And Jack's and Mom (all three are the same guy)    

Why is it that all these church folks and republicans always preach hatred and anger towards people who don't share the same views as them. It's a shame they are always trying to tell other people how they should live their lives.I bet these people are secretly believe that the white race is the supremacy race but they don't got the b*lls to say it.

123 days ago


I believe in preaching what you believe, but get off the kick on gays, drunkards, etc and how bout doing what preaching is about...helping people understand and find God. Condemning them all the time is what turns people away from religion. Your supposed to pray for people, not put them down. I'm over the same ole preaching from this man. I'm almost to the point of thinking preachers should preach on how not to be like Phil Robertson.

123 days ago


It's his RIGHT to believe what he wants just like it is YOUR right to hate him for it. Besides that....if he were a MUSLIM saying this, NOBODY WOULD DARE SAY A WORD. Chew on that for a moment - Muslims KILL gays in their countries, all this guy wants to do is for them to get saved. awful!

123 days ago


there is a solutions for this. Stop having GAY babies you heteros!!

123 days ago


He's at church preaching his beliefs. Leave the guy alone. Did he ask tmz or whoever recorded this to be recorded and splashed all over a blog? No. He's doing what he does. (I personally can't stand duck dynasty. Jmo)

123 days ago


Ef the bible and ef all religions.
It's just a tool to keep people in line.
As for Phil who cares, let him say what ever he wants.

123 days ago


So since at one point he was an adulterer and a drunkard, is he including himself on that list as one of those who won't inherit the Kingdom of God?? Or does he think because he's a so called "Born again Christian" that he's exempted from the list he's created.

123 days ago


Preach my white brother, so someone tell me which is terrible? Trusting a bible or accepting men who have boo boo sex????

123 days ago


Since you put it that way Phil. This kingdom of god place sure sounds no fun at all and kind of boring. Like I would want to spend eternity with a bunch of uptight ****s. No thank you!

And honestly how many people are in this kingdom of god? 5 or 6?

123 days ago

The Truth    

Since when is quoting the Bible wrong when did this country become a nation of non believers and atheist?

123 days ago

Eye roll     

He has the right to say what he believes. Just like the gays can say what they wabt

123 days ago


Phil seems to be very preoccupied with thoughts of homosexuality and male prostitutes. I expect to read about a compromising situation for the hillbilly-s**t-for-brains pastor in the near future.

123 days ago
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