Phil Robertson I Got Suspended I'm Going to Church!

12/19/2013 1:37 PM PST

Phil Robertson -- I Got Suspended ... I'm Goin' To Church!


Phil Robertson turned to the Lord after getting benched from "Duck Dynasty."

The pastor at White's Ferry Road Church tells TMZ ... while everyone went crazy last night over Phil's suspension, Phil was in the pews with his prayer group, praying for a woman who had been diagnosed with cancer.

Pastor Mike Kellett tells us ... Robertson didn't even MENTION the TV show or the suspension
 -- it was all about the sick woman.

Pastor Mike dodged our question -- whether Phil's a homophobe -- saying, "Phil is doing his best to follow God's word. He always treats people with love and respect."

Pastor Mike says the church is solidly behind Robertson: "Television shows come and go. His faith is forever."