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Digital Underground Rapper

Biebs May Have Black Friends ...

But Don't Come to the Hood!

5/27/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

052114_money_b_launch_v2Money B -- part of the legendary rap group Digital Underground -- says Justin Bieber might hang out with a few famous black people ... but doesn't mean he wouldn't get his ass beat in the hood.

Bieber has upped his street cred quest by hanging with Rick Ross and trying to rap to 2Pac at a club ... a move that hits close to home for Money B, since Pac got his start with Digital Underground and Money B appeared on 2Pac's song "I Get Around."

Money B thinks Justin doesn't have any real black friends ... just a few famous acquaintances ... and that doesn't give him a hood pass -- not even close.

We think Pac would agree.


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psycho nurse    


152 days ago


The ONLY reason Bieber isn't CONSTANTLY getting beat up on is because he never goes anywhere without an entourage of bodyguards. Have him step out solo even in the whitest of neighborhoods and guaranteed he'll be crawled up in a ball crying for his mommy within minutes. "Street cred" means nothing if you bought it...

152 days ago


TMZ don't have anything else to report, so let's ask randoms in the streets what they think about Bieber to get more readers for their articles.

152 days ago

You naive gossip thirsty idiots    

Stop with the Bieber BS, you guys have NO clue-as proven time after time...Can't you stop harassing him for a few days and let him continue the positive path he has been on recently...?.

152 days ago


Damn,can someone tell me the name of that old school movie with that song I Get Around?It had two fat twin monsters in some junkyard?It was crazy...anyway's Justin is gonna cry over this because Money B is the man

152 days ago


Justin's street Cred is about the same potency as bunny piss. The scale is tupac being King Kong piss and bunny piss...well u know ...that would be...justin.

152 days ago


pretty sure justin bieber has no idea who this guy is to care about his opinion lol.

152 days ago


such a racist thing to come out and say,
good thing DU doesn't own any hockey teams,
cause id have to ban you and sell your team.

152 days ago


Pleases let the little beaver come to your hood,please ,please just so you can open a can of whoop ass on him. You are not black STOP trying to act BLACK!!!!!!!

152 days ago


Sounds very racist. If a white person said that, can you imagine the uproar? People would be calling for a boycott, trying to take his job away. Forcing the country to endure another round of sensitivity training via the television with all of the coverage and pendants telling us why we should never say these things.

152 days ago


Could this be any more racist? I'm really tired of the double standard.

152 days ago


I hope he does get his ass beat in the hood.

152 days ago


Justin bieber is no eminem

152 days ago


Digital Underground from the 90's, seriously? This all you could scrape up to comment.

152 days ago

Good riddance!    

Justina's nothing more than a yapping miniature toy poodle that does some amusing tricks when commanded to and the douche is trying to hang with the Rottweilers and Pit Bulls of the world. Sooner or later the big dogs will no longer be amusing by their pet doing funny little tricks and they will shred and chew him a new one. You know they're all laughing at this scrawny little nancy boy from Canada who's trying to act like bad ass thug from the streets.

152 days ago
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