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Matthew Modine

Violent Movies

Had NOTHING to Do With UCSB Shooting

5/27/2014 5:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

052714_matthew_modine_launch_v2 The Isla Vista massacre is another example of how people romanticize violence ... this according to Matthew Modine.

Modine -- who starred in violent movies like "Full Metal Jacket" and "The Dark Knight Rises" -- got into a deep conversation with our photog in Venice on Memorial Day ... saying society's obsession with guns and violence goes back way too far to pin the blame on Hollywood.

Everyone's struggling for answers following the shooting spree of Elliot Rodger, who killed 6 people and injured 13 more during his rampage on Friday. He eventually shot himself.


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People are just naturally violent, just in other places they have to use machetes, rocks, etc to hit each other about the head and neck

148 days ago


Anoyone who blames movies or video games on shootings is ignorant

148 days ago


bad parenting has more to do with it than violent movies. Kids aren't taught respect or how to control their impulses. "Positive Reinforcement" has replaced "Positive Punishment". No one is held accountable. And when you spank your child today it's consider a damn crime.

148 days ago


he is correct....its funny how the media always blames movies and games..meanwhile tune to the nightly news and you see REAL violence.

148 days ago


LOOOVVVEEEE MM!! Vision Quest Was One Of Best Movies Ever

148 days ago


The only ones to blame are the shooter, the shrinks and the cops who were aware of this fvckers instability and ideas but did nothing.Why is anyone struggling for answers? Rodger was an evil twisted POS. There's your answer.

148 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

1. UC Santa Barbara
2. "President" of the UC Administration
Janet "Damn Men" Napoliatano
3. As the "Head" of U.S. Department of "Homeland"
Security, "She" directed resources and man-power
AGAINST U.S. Veterans and the Shelterless.
Consequently, leading to the needless State-
Sanctioned murders of numerous UNARMED
individuals - by various levels of "Government"
4. "Ye shall reap, as Ye have Sown" Seriously.
What did you expect from "her" roses?
5. "She", along with ENTIRE U.S. Departments
shall SWING like Fascists - Mussolini and Rave Section
"The House of David:
The Kingdom, The Power, and The Declaration"

148 days ago


I was creeped out by Mr. Midline after watching Hotel New Hampshire as a young lady. Seeing his other movies makes me truly appreciate him! He does fantastic films, but doesn't appear to get into the Hollywood scene.

148 days ago


Instead of movies, video games, NRA etc..... how about blaming the little sociopath who did it.

148 days ago


My sister is 8 and plays GTA 5 better than I can, she knows it's just a game.

148 days ago


What about parents who don't raise their kids properly? They don't get any blame? The boy felt the world was his and he was a gift to be had. Raping a girl was beneath him. He wanted to be loved and adored. Talk about niqqers all you want. They are a product of white america

148 days ago


Funny,peasants are DEFENDING violent movies and games.

Drug addict also claim drugs are not bad.

148 days ago


He stabbed the first three people but the media seems to be ignoring it so they can blame guns.

148 days ago


OH BS! The kid's Dad gripes about guns and SAYS ZERO ABOUT THE VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES THE KID HAD PLUGGED INTO HIS HEAD! And YEAH...VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES AND VISCOUS, VIOLENT MOVIES DESENSITIZE US TO WHAT IT REALLY MEANS TO KILL SOMEONE, TO TAKE THEIR LIVES. And just like a rock doesn't hurt anyone until it is THROWN BY SOMEONE, neither does A GUN UNTIL SOMEONE PULLS THE TRIGGER! So get off your soap box, idiot people. The NRA has ZERO to do with the fact this disgusting man's kid killed a bunch of people and was one sick SOB that his PARENTS DID NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT so if you want to place blames, BLAME HIS PARENTS!

148 days ago

Sheldon Siegel    

Bad parenting, mental illness and poor background checks for gun purchases are to blame.
The only thing I "blame" video games for is keeping kids from going outside more.

148 days ago
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