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Donald Sterling

Sues NBA for


5/30/2014 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Donald Sterling Sues NBA
Donald Sterling has filed a lawsuit against the NBA for more than $1 BILLION, claiming he was unconstitutionally bullied out of the league.

Sterling filed a federal lawsuit Friday afternoon ... claiming the NBA booted him from the league based on what he called an illegal recording that was widely publicized ... painting him as a racist.

As you know ... TMZ obtained the recording and posted it on the website.

Sterling also claims the $2.5 million fine was baseless and a violation of antitrust laws.

Shelly Sterling sold the team late Thursday to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for $2 billion.  The deal will almost certainly be ratified by the NBA.


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No Avatar


Who the **** cares?!

148 days ago


He can not sue the Nba you guys at TMZ have been making up a bunch of stories lately find out the facts before you post these things his estate will not allow him to do that..stick with crappy celebrate stories like what ugly dress fat Kim is wearing or how her unhappy fat brother hates him mommy..leave the sports to ESPN

148 days ago


Good because him saying don't bring blacks to my games no way no how warrants having his team taken from him. First he is guilty of being a prick but what he said wasn't really that racist. He didn't refer to blacks as N#####$ or any other disparaging racial epitaph, he simply said blacks. Also it was a private conversation in his own home where he was illegally recorded. No way no how should this be upheld. To equate it to any AA person who has ever said something like white boy should have their possessions taken from them. No way no how. Is Sterling a douche for what he said, sure. Was it racist. Not really, it was more ignorant and intolerable but he didn't call blacks vile names. Would a black person want their things taken from them for saying cracker or white boy in their own home. Nope, but that's what happens. He needs to win in court or this will set a precedent for the loss of the freedoms in America. Where you have the right to be an A$$. It's a slippery slope the NBA started down and they should loose.

148 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Kris Jenner, "bored kim now that she is being dragged about without focus on her" are texting..........how can we hok up with this family somehow.

148 days ago


I don't agree with any of his comments or views but He has a damn good chance of winning this lawsuit

148 days ago


I hope he wins. It's a really screwed up situation that someone can be forced to give up something they own just because they're stupid.

148 days ago


Maybe he'll forget about the suit...;-)

148 days ago



148 days ago


What a reward!!!! I mean punishment!!! Lol

148 days ago

Patch Eye Punk    

I hope he wins. They did bully him out. Blacks just want to see a Wealthy White Man Fall. He didn't say anything wrong. It seems like the truth hurt some people. He might fall but he will fall into 2 Billion dollars. He is laughing all the way to the bank.

148 days ago


Good sue.those muthaphukers

148 days ago


2 - how *** TNZ does not mention that sterling is jewish ?
like the daily show does ?

148 days ago


This fat ugly toad sues everyone and everything. Those of us who live here in L.A., who pay taxes, have been footing the bill for this fat f*&K to play games and clog up the court system for decades.

To you Fox News drones and conspiracy nuts that live in butthole, America and keep crying about this racist, evil POS's rights to freedom of speech: 1) please, take this old f*&K and install him in your city. You can all worship him for being a racist crook, which you apparently admire. 2) for the last f*&king time, this POS's 1st amendment rights were NOT taken away from him, or any of you. The US government has NOTHING to with this. NOTHING. The US govt has helped this pig grow filthy rich with their tax loopholes for the rich, they have done nothing but help him. If you idiots had a grain of common sense you would understand that. 3) The NBA has wanted to get rid of him for years! They know he is racist, and he grinds every last dime out of the Clippers, never tries to build a contending team, all the pos cares about is making $ off his broadcast contracts. When the idiot got outed as being a racist, and then doubled down on it on AC 360..., they seized their chance, as they had every legal and moral right to do. Do you people really not think that the NBA has the finest lawyers money can buy? Really?

Like I said, you worship Jabba the Sterling. Take him. Those of us in L.A. are f*&cking fed up with him and his evil sh&t.

148 days ago


Sterling make sure to sue TMZ as well...

148 days ago


I like this guy....He's smarter than the media paints him to be.I am 100% serious that I would let that so called racist in full control of all my assets.Being $326 cash,a Honda Civic with 3 wheels including steering wheel and a prepaid Russel Simmons Visa car with -1.16 credit.But all jokes aside I can use this guy,and I wouldn't throw him under a rug when he decides to go David Duke..Sh!t,my grandmother would call black people shvatzas or some weird name to there faces because it was just the way they spoke

148 days ago
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