Michael Lohan Our Father, Who Art a Deadbeat Ordered to Pay Up or Be Arrested

5/31/2014 12:40 AM PDT
Dina Lohan's prayers have just been answered -- TMZ has learned, a judge just ordered Michael Lohan to fork over back child support to cover his son Cody's Catholic school education ... or a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

We're told Michael has until July to pay up. Dina claims he owes $20,000, legal docs say it's only $3,800 ... and Michael claims he's OVERpaid his ex. 

Now let us pray ...

Michael Lohan, who art a deadbeat (allegedly)
Shallow be thy fame
Don't look so glum
And don't try to run
Because if you don't pay your damn bills already, you'll end up in jail again.

Give your kids their monthly bread (money)
And they'll forgive your trespasses,
As you forgive Kate Major, who trespasses against you.
And lead yourself not into temptation,
but deliver yourself from evil.

Seriously, enough already.