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Justin Bieber


Over Racist Video

6/4/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber Racist
Justin Bieber
was the victim of a million dollar shakedown by a guy who had the video of the singer telling a racist joke ... sources connected with JB tell TMZ.

Our sources say ... approximately 2 months ago Bieber's reps were contacted by a lawyer representing a guy who worked on one of Bieber's video projects.  We're told the guy was in possession of Bieber's personal hard drive, saw the video and swiped it.

We're told the lawyer told Bieber's reps his client would sell the video to the media unless Bieber anted up $1 million.  Bieber's reps scoffed, and the lawyer immediately dropped the price to $800K.

Sources say the lawyer kept calling back and finally -- a week ago -- said $500K would keep the tape secret.  The lawyer was told he "wasn't even in the ballpark" and was sent packing.  The video was released a week later.

We're told Bieber's people wouldn't make the deal because they didn't think the tape was that harmful ... especially because Bieber was 15 years old when he told the racist joke.

Justin Bieber Racist Joke


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Designate Bieber a hate group and deport him

143 days ago


People are judging him for the wrong thing; not a 15 year old twit but a 20 year old one.

143 days ago


Sounds like extortion to me.

143 days ago


So extortion is legal if you do it through a lawyer?

143 days ago


Joke is stupid and old. Who cares. It wasn't funny and this was a while ago. people stop taping each other.

143 days ago


I don't believe this story at all. The Bieb and his creeps are a bunch of liars. Never believe anything they say.

143 days ago

Keep It Real    

The next video has him changing the lyric to his song ...s to joke about killing a n****** and joining the Klu Klux Klan'

143 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

Definitely sounds like extortion.
I can't stand this Bieber chick but thinking anybody would give a f*** about some dumb joke she made when she was 15 years old is ridiculous. Have you seen the douche's friends? It's pretty obvious she's not racist.

143 days ago


Someone thinks they can blackmail him for something that was said 5 years ago when he was 15? How disgusting. Get a ****ing life instead of trying to bring someone else down. He's trying to lay low and stay out of the spotlight and someone feels the need to tear him down? How disgusting. Leave the kid alone. Who and what he said at 15 isn't who he is now. Grow up.

143 days ago


It is obvious this is a smear campaign on the part of certain people such as the writer of The Sun as well as it's editor who are trying to cover up the recent scandal involving the prominent group in Britain with whom they are friendly to divert attention to Justin who is a target anyway. Tweets between them show this as well as the fact one was or is involved with their P.R. outfit:

143 days ago


It's unfortunate, a writer who has a grudge against Justin Bieber should try to smear a kid with a 5 year old tape when he was 15 and immature. This borders on Libel. There is absolutely no proof Justin ever harmed or personally insulted someone of another race; he grew up with black friends and acted as thousands of inner city kids today who make racial remarks in jest or otherwise. I know because I have lived in the inner city with mainly Hispanics and Blacks and now a more diverse neighborhood in the NYC.

143 days ago


holding a five year old video against somebody for money is crazy. people will do anything to see him fall. and as for the sun newspaper anybody from the UK knows how disgusting they are and always have been. lets not forget how they lied about the death of 96 people, blaming it on the wrong people for over 10 years. they are the s*** of the media world. even TMZ have more respect than they do. oh, and in other news - a bus crashed and 13 people died. you know, incase people care about recent events in the world and not five year old BS that he has already apologised for but the sun is dragging it out because they are probably going bankrupt and need to sell stories some how

143 days ago


He hangs out with more African Americans than whites! don't know anything about Justin. But I do know that all kids do STUPID SH*T! He is obviously not racist-he hangs out with more non-whites than whites. He loves "black music", has ""black friends", and has dates Selena GOMEZ (and other "non-whites). The joke was dead wrong-but 99% of 15 year olds tell stupid jokes that should NOT be said...Point is 15 yr old children all mess up at times-But the rest of them don't have cameras on them 24/7! What would happen if someone sold a tape of you and your WORDS at 15 yrs old??? What about YOUR actual actions at 15? Are you PROUD of EVERY SINGLE THING you said at age 15? You would be humiliated! Ironic that TMZ posts this video acting like Justin is racist, when for the past YEARS tmz has been showing video EVIDENCE of Justin hanging out & DATING people of color! I don't even know his music, but just simply reading the tmz site shows me something is wrong here!!! Leave him alone, you've humiliated him enough. Everyone makes mistakes-but he is NOT racist. He lives in ATL and so do I, trust me, he hangs out with more African Americans than whites!

143 days ago


Justin Beiber is not how is this an issue?

143 days ago


So you just can't let the Beiber video go, but you let Hill off the hook for calling someone a f@ggot a few days ago.

What gives TMZ?

143 days ago
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