Soulja Boy Justin Bieber Is Not Racist

6/2/2014 6:55 AM PDT

Soulja Boy -- Justin Bieber Is Not Racist

Soulja Boy is the latest BFOJB (Black Friend of Justin Bieber) to come to the singer's defense in the wake of his racist joke scandal ... saying JB should be forgiven for his transgression.

As TMZ first reported, noted BFOJB Floyd Mayweather was first to defend Bieber over the weekend ... saying, "We all make mistakes when we are young, it’s part of growing up."

Now Soulja tells TMZ he doesn't feel Bieber should be held accountable for something he said when he was 15. Soulja says Justin is still his boy and people should not think Justin is racist ... because he isn't.

BFOJBs unite!