Tracy Morgan Crash NJ Turnpike is a Death Trap ... Says Another Crash Victim's Family

6/10/2014 12:50 AM PDT

Tracy Morgan's deadly 6-car pileup should be an alarm for New Jersey officials to make some big changes before more lives are lost ... this according to the family of a truck driver who died on the same dangerous stretch of highway.

The Walmart truck that plowed into Tracy's vehicle was hurtling down the NJ Turnpike -- and back in April, just a few miles away ... John Visconti III was killed in an eerily similar crash.

TMZ spoke to his mother, Mary Visconti who was outraged by the carnage of Morgan's accident ... "How many people have to die on the Turnpike before something is done? It is ridiculous."

Mary says her son was driving an 18-wheeler when he swerved to avoid a much slower vehicle on the highway. He was killed when his truck overturned and caught fire.

While the truck driver in Morgan's wreck allegedly dozed off -- Mary thinks the bigger issue is out of control speeding on the Turnpike ... and she thinks it's time to lower the limit from 65 to 55.

For now ... Mary's out of luck. A Turnpike Authority manager tells TMZ there are no plans to make any speed or safety changes on the road ... and feels driver error was the sole cause of Morgan's accident.