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Tracy Morgan Accident

Driver in Fatal Crash

Pleads Not Guilty

6/11/2014 1:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0611-kevin-roper-splash-01Kevin Roper -- the truck driver facing charges over the fatal crash that involved Tracy Morgan -- pled not guilty in a New Brunswick court this afternoon.

Roper is facing charges of death by auto and assault by auto. His bail was set at $50,000.

Roper was driving a truck for Walmart on Saturday when he struck Morgan's limo. One person died as a result and Morgan is still in the hospital in critical condition.  

Roper has not only maintained his innocence ... he says he's a scapegoat because a celeb was involved.  He says this was simply an accident.


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he slammed into the back and killed someone.

I dont care if he was lacking sleep. drunk. or just careless. he is guilty . his own words will destroy him though. playing the victim will go over sooo well with the jury. he needs to get on his knees and beg for mercy. otherwise? screwed to the wall.

136 days ago



136 days ago


He's going to put up a website and ask for donations for his defense. A lot of conservatives are going to donate because of these new trucking laws.

136 days ago


I agree this was an accident he wasn't texting or drunk. He shouldn't be guilty of death by auto. And in NJ I believe it is required by law that everyone is supposed to be buckled while driving.

136 days ago


This is all about "big business and big insurance companies", if ones have not figured out who controls the laws of this country (USA) then you've been living in a cave to long. No mater who was in the wrong - Wal-Mart will walk away untouched.
People say "What is this world coming to?" My answer, well I know what it has come to, Don't You...Forget it's Tracy Morgan or any other person, this is America - If you work for a big company your safe....US Dollars controls these laws, not the courts.

136 days ago


hell he post on twitter about owning the road. This man has road rage and need to be put in jail before he kills someone else!

136 days ago


It was a accident! Pray for the dead and pray for Mr Morgan!

136 days ago


Just imagine what would be happening if the driver was white...

136 days ago


Im pretty sure Wal Mart would not have stepped up sp quickly to take care of everyones medical bills if a cell would not have been involved. Yes, this man may have caused an accident, but he should not be punished even more or harsher just because a celeb was involved.

136 days ago


He plowed into a stopped vehicle because HE wasn't paying attention to what was going on in front of him. It doesn't matter what his excuse was. How is he not guilty? It was totally preventable.

136 days ago


perhaps walmart is really to blame...i hope his driving schedule and wages are taken into account here.

136 days ago


First of all you are not a escape goat fool!! You kill somebody!! You just convicted yourself by playing the victim!! A strong apology to the victims and their family, beg for forgiveness, repeat it was a accident, and let everyone know you are ready to take full responsibily and the consequences for you actions, would've got you a little simpathy and maybe probation!! The insensitive comment like you're the victim, sir you going to jail for a long time!! Where is his lawyer!!

136 days ago


It might have been an accident but it was an AVOIDABLE accident had he been paying attention. It doesn't matter that a celeb was involved he still killed someone. He needs to own up and take responsibility for his actions. He's not a scapegoat he's an ass.

136 days ago


I think this guy knows it's over and he is trying to put up a sorry fight. He was not paying attention and he killed someone and hurt someone. I think he should be a man and accept what ever comes his way. Throw yourself on the court and beg for mercy.

136 days ago


Whether or not he is famous do sent make u any more of a better person u ****in idiot. I still killed somebody and severely injured several others due to ur poor judgment and lack of responsibility to follow the laws of truck driving knowing u r not supposed to drive more than 10 hours a day and u r required to sleep/rest at least 8 hours before driving on the road. U have NO common sense to think about the other lives u affected, or the fact that u posted that ignorant ass comment without thinking that people were actually going to check up on u since ur in the SPOTLIGHT. And in case ur dumb ass don't kw, sleep driving is also considered a form of DUI because it makes u just as incapable to drive as being high or drunk so the simple fact that u weren't high or drunk also don't make u any better of a person. I a piece of ****. MAN UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU DID. #****INDUMBASS

136 days ago
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