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Senator Claire McCaskill

Dr. Oz Attack

Was Personal

6/18/2014 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Senator Claire McCaskill Attacks Dr. Oz
Senator Claire McCaskill -- who grilled Dr. Oz like a cheeseburger during Tuesday's hearing -- was incredulous over the Doc's "miracle pill" because she's walked the walk ... sources connected to the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection tell TMZ.

McCaskill lost a ton of weight in 2011 ... actually more like 50 pounds.  She did it the old fashion way -- diet and exercise -- and she was proud of it.   We're told she thinks diet shortcuts are ineffective and often fraudulent.

So when Oz came to The Hill ... we're told McCaskill was locked and loaded for a showdown over Oz touting green coffee beans as a miracle drug.   One of McCaskill's staffers tells TMZ ... this was not a vendetta against Oz, and others have told us the same -- that she just thinks these quick fixes are harmful, especially when they're endorsed by credible people.

For Oz's part ... we're told he and his staff privately acknowledged he went too far on the air, and pulled back on the hyperbole several years ago.



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Seriously, fat people shouldn't be allowed a public position. If you don't even have the self-control to f***** keep your weight in control, what the f*** are you doing trying to lead others? There's a reason why obesity kills... one word: Darwin. Truth.

63 days ago


Dr. Oz is a f@cken weirdo.
I bet he has arguments with his mother's skeleton like Norman Bates in Psycho.

63 days ago


She looks amazing. And proof that diet and exercise is the real miracle worker. Sad that Dr. Oz has turned into a shady salesman, and not a trusted doctor...

63 days ago


And don't even give me the bull**** about how it's because of your genes. If you really had fat genes then your fat@ss wouldn't have been able to come out from your fat@ss mom's vagina.

You're fat because you lack self-control. Admit it and deal with it. Truth.

63 days ago


Quick fixes are ALL fraudulent. Also, many of these pills place too much stress on the spleen and/or kidneys. For your health, I think it's also important to lose weight more slowly (and patiently) as losing it too quickly is also hard on the organs.

63 days ago


I hate that b I c t h . I saw her on tv grilling dr oz when she should be helping him. She's probably that fat whore that couldn't loses weight off of a product that dr oz recommended . Or maybe she brought a product with dr oz face on it but he did not promo at all.

63 days ago


I am not even really fat - but I could stand to lose 15 pounds (so I think so anyway). I work out for an hour a day 6 days a week. I tried that Dr. Oz crapola with the Acai Berry pills...well he forgot to mention along with it - you need to take colon cleanse pills. Ok, right there I knew it was full of ********ee...I didn't get the ****ttt pills but I had the Acai Berry pills - they made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack...I lost no weight.....and then read on line that it affects your kidney's and could cause kidney failure. So - the Oz is a quack.........he needs a good beating down when pushing bull crap on people.

63 days ago


I'm on the vagetarian diet, I can only eat 3 weeks a month.

63 days ago

Mortimer Berford    

I wish she had as much outrage for the lying congress as she does for some TV shill. Let's get to the real truth about the WMD's that started 2 wars. Let's talk about why big Oil gets $29 billion in subsidies, pays no taxes, and is rolling in profit. Let's talk about why the IRS and the Pentagon get to lie to congress with impunity, but Barry Bonds gets the book thrown at him. Can we have some real priority setting for once?

63 days ago


What a fat @ss then and now Just Saying...!

63 days ago


She went to far. It really wasn't called for. Where is the passion for people who are unemployed or in need of food or medical care. Would never vote for someone who has her priorities this screwed up.

63 days ago


All green coffee beans do is speed up your heart rate and metabolism until you're at risk for having a heart attack. What Claire McCaskill was really thinking is that OZ is a quack who is greedy for money and she's right.

63 days ago


Since when is Dr. Oz a credible source for anything? If you see him promoting some new product or other on his show, you can be certain he has been paid to do so. This guy's credibility is ZERO.

63 days ago


Its fine that she wants to grill Dr. Oz if he is promoting fraudulent products when it comes to weight loss. But I wonder if she would grill some of these companies about the harmful chemicals they are putting in our food? Maybe let her get the tobacco companies to confess to everything in cigarettes? Okay, grill Oz but while your at it ask some of these companies about 'mystery meat'.

63 days ago


not all fat people are fat because the have"no self control". I have thyroid disease gained about 50 pounds because of it. My thyroid is now under control and I have lost 20 pounds. So just because someone is over weight doesn't make them lazy and it doesn't mean they have "no self control" lots of people have medical problems and some of the medicines to treat illnesses also cause significant weight gain.

63 days ago
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