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Casey Kasem's Widow

Kids Shamelessly Gunning For

Life Insurance Payday

6/24/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Kasem Life Insurance
Casey Kasem's
children wanted him to die so they could collect on his sizable life insurance policy -- so claims the  DJ's widow, Jean Kasem.

Jean tells TMZ ... Kerri Kasem called the funeral home and asked how quickly they could issue a death certificate. Jean thinks it's a money grab --- "Their impatience for Casey to die was obvious when they killed him and now their impatience to collect on the life insurance is even more telling."

Jean also scoffs at the private memorial Casey's children held over the weekend ... telling us, "We have had to once again handle all of their incessant sleaze peddling while preparing the arrangements for a befitting funeral for Casey."

Speaking of which ... it's unclear why Jean hasn't had Casey's body flown down to L.A. for a burial ... more than a week after his death.

Kerri tells us it's pretty clear ... Jean is deflecting a looming criminal investigation for elder abuse.



No Avatar


The widow is a gold digging tramp

89 days ago


Maybe Casey pulled his own plug so he wouldn't have to deal with you people anymore. Maybe....possibly...

89 days ago


I think both sides have motives that are very questionable.

89 days ago


I use to think his wife is crazy until his kid after 24 hours kille d him. She was right to fear these little shtheads

89 days ago


I don't believe a word that comes out of that goofy woman's mouth.

89 days ago


So TMZ is now Jean Kasem's mouthpiece?

89 days ago


The kids are just trying to get back at their step mom. The already used their dad's money in the past and looking for some change,. I would think if there were any arguments that meant something it would be they want family pictures or things that were part of him or his family. It always is about money! That shows where their minds were. I think the charges they are trying to get are also ridiculous. Kasey loved that woman for years. Do they forget he also has another daughter who is their sister? She is hurting and to put a witch hunt out on her mom is terrible. The vultures always circle. They are also upset they aren't in his will. That was his choice at teh time he signed. When they unplugged everything they knew what they were doing.

89 days ago


The way they are still harping on about this "elder abuse" is so hurftul and sad and obviously not true. She was very desperate to try and keep him well and alive. And she's in her 60's herself. She was his spouse for nearly 40 years and they seem to treat her like a stranger or something. She has always seemed a little wacky to me but someone who was devoted to her husband.

89 days ago


who cares what this gold digging whore has to say anyway? khunt should up and die so we dont have to hear about her anymore.

89 days ago
10. Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

Theres no family in money

89 days ago


There was no fowl play on the kids behalf if the doctors and a judge signed off on withholding food and water they obviously know more than the women who refused to give him the proper care and treatment he needed and left him in the care of strangers. I dont believe a single word that comes out of her mouth and the private memorial is probably because she has the rights to his body and are expecting to not be invited to the funeral. She needs to to pipe down and tmz should be ashamed at giving this women the time of day.

89 days ago


she is the only one who keeps talking about the money, the only one worrying about the money. gold digging whore.

89 days ago


The kids aren't the problem, she should go hang herself and be done with it,

89 days ago


I just don't understand why they fought so hard to take Casey while he was living, but now since he's dead, they were more than willing to hand over his body to his wife with no problem

89 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

Jean needs to spend her time interviewing defense attorneys because they are going to charge her with elder abuse. She hasn't buried her husband because she now doesn't know what to do considering they didn't offer any resistance regarding his burial --- they held their own memorial service just as I predicted they would. Jean claims his kids wanted him to die, but SHE'S the one who drove him through three states with no medication or proper nutrition. Jean Kasem is dirt.

89 days ago
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