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'KFC Pit Bull Girl'

Family Claims It's No Hoax!

6/24/2014 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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KFC Pit Bull Girl Hoax

The people calling BS on a story about a little girl who was thrown out of a KFC because her face made customers lose their appetite are themselves full of BS ... so claims the aunt of the girl.

3-year-old Victoria Welcher  was supposedly kicked out of a KFC in Jackson, Miss. last month after an employee felt her facial wounds from a pit bull attack were upsetting customers.

New reports claim the story is bogus.

But Victoria's aunt, Teri Rials Bates, now claims it really happened and the franchise is in the midst of a KFC investigation.

The owner of the franchised KFC in Jackson says the story's fishy.


No Avatar


Who is this FAMIY person and why does he/she keep making up stuff?

120 days ago


It's people like this poor girl's family made me so cynical of these type of news reports. For little Victoria Wilcher, she was attacked by family pets, another little victim of dogs trained to be viscous, but attacked the wrong target.

120 days ago


Everyone has a camcorder in their cell now days. They could have easily turned it on & had proof.

120 days ago


Please let this not be a hoax about getting money!!!People are pouring money in for this little girl.

120 days ago


KFC isn't as good as it used to be.

120 days ago


KFC already donated $50,000 to their medical bills, won't ask for it back, hoax or not.

120 days ago


If it is a hoax.... that Aunt and anyone else LYING about this should go to JAIL!

Here's more detail as to WHY it seems it IS a Hoax.

120 days ago


Pretty much everything in the "news" is a hoax. Just like the blue eyed thug. Notice you can donate to him too. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!

120 days ago


I remember when I said this story seemed fishy and how there was no evidence and before we all boycott KFC we should get the facts and people told me I should go die lmao. Where are those people now? I'm all for fighting the good fight against evil corporations and people but not without evidence. I don't relish ruining a persons business or life based on hearsay and no facts. Imagine if this were a franchise that a family owned? We are so quick to jump on the attack that we don't wait for the facts. People like her disgust me because instead of raising awareness about the treatment and care of animals and children this family chose to exploit the pain and harm of the child. smh this is beyond sad. Poor child is going to be raised by these people and unless someone intervenes will end up being manipulators just like them.

120 days ago


So let's see the tape! No doubt the CCTV will show what happend...Did the little girl enjoy some strips and a Dr pepper or was she thrown out?

120 days ago


Dirtbag welfare family trying to make $$$ off this poor little girl. If it is a hoax...i hope they take her and put her in a decent family .... One that can afford better than KFC. Im so pissed for this girl!!!

120 days ago


Oh it was a pit bull that attacked her? What are the odds!?

120 days ago

Grim reaper    

Poor little girl that's why I hate pit bulls they are not safe.

120 days ago


Until it has been fully investigated I still feel that, yet again, this is an untrue story made up for money. I find it hard to believe that anyone could be so cruel as to look at this little girl and say her face was horrifying.

120 days ago


Terrible for the little girl no what the story is, hope the best for her and she gets the hospital care she needs.

120 days ago
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