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Rob Kardashian

Deep into Sizzurp and Weed

Family Pushing for Rehab

6/26/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Kardashian Sizzurp Smoking WeedRob Kardashian's family wants Rob to get help for what they say is a very bad drug problem ... sources directly connected with the family tell TMZ.

Our sources say the family is well aware of what has been going on with Rob, depicted by these photos during a drug-fueled party a few days ago.

You can see Rob holding a double cup ... the container of choice for Sizzurp.  The cup on the table actually has the words, "Codeine Boys" emblazoned on it.  He's also seen smoking weed.

We're told the Kardashians have been calling rehab facilities, but Rob refuses to go.  They feel desperate because they don't know what to do and hope pictures like these may change Rob's mind.

The Kardashians have stepped up before ... attempting an intervention for Lamar Odom's drug problem.


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NoMo Lohans    

most likely something Kris cooked up to boost the ever sagging ratings for a show that should have been canceled long ago.

121 days ago


**** if I has to deal with a piss whore sister like Kim and a mother like his I would turn to drugs too! I feel bad for the guy Kim was always putting him down I can't stand this family rob is the only normal one I hope he pulls through and I don't read a story about him over dosing or taking his own life...although I'm sure they would love the attention (sad)

121 days ago


Rob doesn't deserve this crap hes a normal guy who put on some weight ITS HIS OWN DAMN BUSINESS... he is still hot to me... He never had a male role model to look up 2 on top of bitchy media whores as sisters..And a mom

121 days ago

Gilly 90291    

"The Kardashian's believe" that putting their son and brother on blast in the media partaking in a controlled substance us a good idea. Anything to hoor out the fam right PMK? This guy didnt stand a chance once his dad died

121 days ago


He gone die...

121 days ago


Truffle Shuffle with your man boobs

121 days ago

Matt m    

How will momma bear make a buck off of this. Is the karnastyian brand of rehabs coming next

121 days ago

Chloe Indigo    

I had a feeling. I'm sure opiate use is involved as well, more than just the Codine. Dang. A long time when Lamar went on his binge it said pain pills were involved as well. This whole time I've been thinking he's on opiated. Some people get thin. But a lot of people who abuse opiate gain, and gain massively. Seen it firsthand and my best friend in the whole world OD'd at 30. I am still pulling for him. He will need help if I'm right. Opiate w/d is very very hard. I'll pray for him.

121 days ago


who cares let the fat fukc od and die, one less khuntdashian in the world

121 days ago


Actually I love Rob but he had two male role models, his biological father took in OJ to hide him from police (it was just on OJ murders 20 yrs later). What kind of father person friend or not does that when you have 4 kids to consider. Then there is Bruce who abandoned his two sons for his new family (no matter what you think of Kris he is a man/father). You don't do that to your kids PERIOD, esp when they live not far away. You wonder why he has issues, Kim is married 3 times by her early 30s, khloe picks men she think she can save and Kourt/Scott, shes afraid of marriage even though they have 2 kids. All kids have issues because of selfish parents. If you love your kids love their mother/father....Read the stats on broken homes. Money doesn't fix anything. .I feel bad for this family, most of all Rob, the sisters put on a good act cameras and are at least functional and working but Rob seems sad and lost. My heart goes out to him

121 days ago


Remind me why we should feel sorry for a dude that does not have to get a job, eats all day, does drugs and nothing much else?! People have worse family members and dont fall into a self destructive life because of it.

121 days ago


Ata boy rob!

121 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

Being morbidly obese is the least of Rob's worries if he is doing this crap. Sizzurp is garbage that causes seizures and brain damage and weed kills brain cells. This explains a lot of his behavior of the past few months. The family can push all it wants for rehab, but the bottom line is that druggies won't go unless they want to get clean or ordered to by a judge.

121 days ago


Not surprised at all... He's a man. And men do jot stand a chance in this family. This is payback for walking out on the wedding. And Kris is trying to divert attention from The fact Kim and Kanye are absentee parents.

121 days ago
60. Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    

Well his mother is too far up in Kum he does whatever....i guess hanging out with lamar was a plus

121 days ago
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