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Gregg Allman Biopic Death

Director Charged

In Fatal Train Track Accident

7/3/2014 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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update_graphic_red_bar1:33 PM PT -- TMZ just obtained a copy of the indictment which shows the film crew had asked for permission to shoot on the train tracks ... and had been denied -- resulting in the criminal trespass charge.
The director of a movie about Gregg Allman was just indicted in the tragic death of a crew member who was hit by a train during production.

The Wayne County D.A. in Georgia indicted director Randall Miller -- along with his wife and the film's executive producer -- with involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass for Sarah Elizabeth Jones' death back in February.

27-year-old Jones was helping set up a shot on railroad tracks for the movie "Midnight Rider" ... when a speeding train smashed into the set, killing Jones. Six other people were hurt.

Investigators say Miller was filming without a permit, hence the trespassing charge.


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Tragic story but, how do you not hear a friggin train coming at you speeding down the track ?

110 days ago


The 'do whatever it takes' attitude proved to be a tragic loss. No permit? On train tracks? Condolences to the family.

110 days ago


Choo choo

110 days ago


They need to ring these worms up and put them in jail. When working on a set sometimes you cannot say anything because you are afraid of losing your job. I hope members in the Local 600 will just say no when there is a dangerous situation on set. I know when I work even though you are allowed to voice a concern there is big big chance of not being rehired because you are labeled a trouble maker by the director or producer. No more will that happen if I see something that looks dangerous I am going to speak my mind. These directors and producers have to much power but I don't care anymore. Safety comes first. I feel very sad for what happened and I feel bad for Sarah's family.

110 days ago


This is such bull****!! Yes it is tragic but these are wonderful people who made a mistake. Deaths happen all the time in the movie industry. Huge budget pics have the money to weasel there way out of charges when something terrible happens. I don't see anything happening to massive D-bag michael bay, who has had people die on his movie sets and never makes it to the news, or leaves stunt and special effects guys severely injured. I never see charges pressed against any of those people ever!! But someone dies on set of a indie movie and they need to make an example? ****ing ridiculous. It is sad and permits should of been obtained, but people die on set!

110 days ago


The sad thing is that before this accident occurred, the lead star in the movie - William Hurt - expressed concern that a train could come down the track, and there would be nowhere to go. The director pooh-poohed the concern, and went on with setting up the scene. The rest is history. I would say the director is boofed.

110 days ago


The real crime is that someone was actually making a biopic about Gregg allman

110 days ago


I will NEVER understand how a person can not HEAR and SEE a freaking huge ass train coming towards you. Idiots.

110 days ago

Dan Del Aguaro    

How do you not have enough time to get off the damn tracks when a train is coming, blowing their horn? People are ****ing retarded. Not tragic at all

109 days ago

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