Gregg Allman Biopic Death Director Charged In Fatal Train Track Accident

7/3/2014 9:05 AM PDT

Gregg Allman Biopic Death -- Director Charged in Fatal Train Track Accident

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1:33 PM PT -- TMZ just obtained a copy of the indictment which shows the film crew had asked for permission to shoot on the train tracks ... and had been denied -- resulting in the criminal trespass charge.

The director of a movie about Gregg Allman was just indicted in the tragic death of a crew member who was hit by a train during production.

The Wayne County D.A. in Georgia indicted director Randall Miller -- along with his wife and the film's executive producer -- with involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass for Sarah Elizabeth Jones' death back in February.

27-year-old Jones was helping set up a shot on railroad tracks for the movie "Midnight Rider" ... when a speeding train smashed into the set, killing Jones. Six other people were hurt.

Investigators say Miller was filming without a permit, hence the trespassing charge.