'SoA' Star Glenn Plummer You Can Divorce Me But ... I'm Not Moving Out

7/5/2014 12:25 AM PDT

“Sons of Anarchy” actor Glenn Plummer and his estranged wife have finally settled their divorce ... and while they're definitely ending the marriage, they're still gonna be living under the same roof. Awwwkward.

DeMonica Santiago-Plummer filed more than a year ago, but it was just finalized last month -- and according to the docs obtained by TMZ ... Glenn's getting a pretty sweet deal.

The "Showgirls" star won't have to pay a dime in child support for their 2 daughters -- ages 13 and 9. Also shocking ... DeMonica gets their house, but Glenn will stay in it RENT-FREE until next January!

In addition to the house, DeMonica gets a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT, and some Disney animation cells. He gets a vintage 1969 Mercedes 280.

Glenn better save up over the next 6 months -- DeMonica tells TMZ they're going to revisit the child support issue once he moves out in January. 

Still, exes living under the same roof? What could go wrong ... said Deion Sanders.