Jewel Divorcing Rodeo Star ... Gwyneth Style

7/2/2014 10:11 AM PDT

Jewel's Divorce From Ty Murray -- Divorcing Rodeo Star ... Gwyneth Style

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Jewel and her rodeo star husband Ty Murray are divorcing after 6 years of marriage ... but she's doing it so sweetly ... it almost makes Gwyneth Paltrow look bitchy.

Jewel just made the announcement on her blog, but says they're parting as friends who are devoted to their son Kase ... who turns 3 this month.

In her post, Jewel says she and Ty have been engaged in a difficult "but thoughtful and tender undoing of ourselves" and says they're taking apart their relationship "stich by stich, and releasing each other with love."

It's unclear if Jewel's actually filed divorce papers yet. 

"Tender undoing of ourselves." Take that conscious uncoupling!