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'Big Brother'

Jocasta's Sister RIPS Frankie

For 'Go Kill Yourself' Comment

7/29/2014 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The sister of "Big Brother" contestant Jocasta Odom is tearing cast member Frankie Grande to shreds ... for saying Jocasta "can kill herself."

Frankie's back stab stung hard ... because Jocasta -- a pastor -- just performed a memorial service for his recently deceased grandfather.

Maranda Chelsea, Jocasta's sis, tells TMZ, "It was an ignorant statement and the little respect I had for him just went out the window."  And the parting shot, "It shows the lack of maturity he has."

Miranda isn't the only one pissed off -- so are the fans ... @JrAguja1997 tweeted "I don't f**king care if your sister sings good, you're a s**tty person Frankie. Calling Jocasta to kill herself. Argh."

Whatever sympathy Frankie had built up this past week has now quickly gone away ... and it only took 13 seconds of footage to do it.


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Zach may decide to kill himself after he gets out of the house and sees that the whole season he has looked like a (willing) creepy sexual play thing for Frankie.

83 days ago


Until I hear the N word or any other racism going on
Jo's sis can go F herself!!
IT's A GAME!!!!!!!

83 days ago

Vincent O'Driscoll    

Come on. Who here has never said something you don't mean. Today I got cut off in traffic and I yelled to the guy, "I hope you die". Do I want him to die? No. I said something without thinking. So did Frankie. Anyone who is honest with themselves will admit we all say things we regret and don't mean.

83 days ago


I call BS - he meant it in the context of ... she can kiill herself ... IN THE GAME!!! Saw it and I know the context it was meant in. Some people look super hard to find something they can jump on, even if it's taken the wrong way

83 days ago


Frankie is a waste of space. He's 31 acting like he's 17 and trying to live up to his celebrity sister. He's mean unnecessarily, thinks Big Brother is an audition for fame LOL, and looks like he's been rode hard and put away wet. 150 sexual partners will do that to you I guess!

83 days ago


He's gross. He 's been using his grandfather's death for attention and sympathy. Derrick's grandfather died as well and he's be pretty reserve about it. Frankie held a memorial service that he made sure would be on After Dark and had them all talk about how much they love Frankie.

And he constantly brings up his grandfather to make himself look better. It's pretty disgusting.

83 days ago


"Get Over It"

83 days ago


Frankie thinks he is Peter Pan. Grow up and slow your roll

83 days ago


Holy hell this is being taken way out of proportion!! f*** off people..

83 days ago

Sin D    

Watch what ya say skippie.....................skippie.

83 days ago


Excessive FAKE drama for washed up FAKE REALITY show

83 days ago


Who cares

83 days ago


And cbs will always give him a great edit because of his sister

83 days ago


Jocasta is not a minister or a pastor... she is CEO / Founder to a company to make money as in inspirational / motivational speaker. A for profit company. She reads poetry at church. After her fake speaking in tongues, making herself sick with fiber tablets, laxatives and magically getting sick around every comp I've said worse things to my computer I'm sure. The real travesty is that he is getting nailed for saying that while she is getting wings pinned on her while she tells stories about how she should of been in jail "but god kept me out of jail", only prays for wins in comps or get off the block or when cam time is called for. Perhaps her family should be showing some of the Christian forgiveness she is supposed to be preaching???

83 days ago


Frankie is gross. His sister is just another Demi Lovato/Miley Cyrys/Selena Gomez, Nickeldodeon/Disney clone. It's not like she's having the kind of success female stars like Janet Jackson/Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey/Britney Spears/Celine Dion have had. He's a DISGUSTING, pathetic, pink rooster haired, AID$-face looking, attention QU33R. Why THE FUK can't they have a non-stereotypical queen on the show?

83 days ago
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