Michael Lohan Hires Casey Anthony Attorney My Baby Mama's Vagina is Bleeding in Jail

8/3/2014 9:59 AM PDT
Michael Lohan has hired Casey Anthony's lawyer to stop the bleeding ... the vaginal bleeding of his pregnant baby mama who Michael claims her jailers are grossly mistreating her.

Attorney Jose Baez is now gunning for a court order forcing the jail to properly treat Kate Major's vaginal bleeding.  Lohan claims Kate started bleeding this week -- on 2 separate occasions -- but both times she was taken to an infirmary and sent back to her cell.  

Michael says there were no specialists to treat Kate and all they did was an ultrasound which showed a heartbeat ... but Michael says, "You know damn well if someone has vaginal bleeding while pregnant that's indicative of a miscarriage."

Michael also claims Kate -- who is behind bars over a DUI  -- was forced to carry her property back to her room while she was still bleeding.

Baez will almost certainly attempt to get an order forcing the prison to have Kate examined and treated by a specialist.

We reached out to the jail for comment, so far ... no word back.