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Michael Johns

Cops Told of Heavy Alcohol Use

8/4/2014 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Johns had been drinking heavily at some point before he died Friday ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ previously reported ... the "American Idol" Season 7 contestant died Friday at a friend's home in Orange County. TMZ reported there was evidence of a blood clot. We're told Johns had sprained his ankle and it swelled to his knee.  He sought medical attention the day before he died.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... police were told Johns had been heavily drinking. It's uncertain what the time frame was ... as in how close to his death he was boozing.  

We don't know if Johns had received pain meds from the doctor. Obviously, there would be concerns about mixing alcohol with pain meds.

We're told when EMTs got on scene Johns was in full cardiac arrest and could not be revived.

An autopsy is being performed.



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Haven't watched AI for years so NFI who he is.

82 days ago


Maybe he was drinking because the pain was so severe. A twisted ankle that swells and bruises to the knee is nothing that should be overlooked. I can't even believe any doctor would think it's OK. DVT is so common and presents exactly the way his did. I would be surprised if drinking had anything to do with his death but I'm not a medical professional, just a person who experienced a blood clot and thankfully lived to talk about it.

82 days ago


More ppl should be smoking weed instead of drinking!

Worse case `` you get the munchies and go raid the fridge!!

82 days ago


Maybe he was just having a good time. Most of us do it, does that mean we are all alcoholics?

82 days ago


If it was a blood clot that killed him the fact that he was drinking is irrelevant.

82 days ago


This story is irrelevant. Whether or not he was drinking or taking pain medication has nothing to do with the fact he had an undiagnosed blood clot and died as a result of it.

82 days ago


Don't drink and drive next time

82 days ago


Sounds like the Drs. Lawyers is already poisoning the well. He's trying to limit the award for the Drs mistake by saying he wasn't a good guy. Despicable.

82 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

Unfortunately, it's very likely that he'd been drinking heavily. His career certainly hadn't been anything great, so it makes sense he'd turned to alcohol.

82 days ago


Perhaps if the doctor had admitted him into the hospital, he would be alive today. The medication he was prescribed might have not been enough to deaden the pain he was suffering and he drank to help alleviate the pain.

What would the drinking have to do with him dying from a blood clot? Perhaps spin doctors are grasping as straws for a defense that drinking somehow was in part cause of death.

I know that the pain from blood clot in leg is excruciating since my mother died of a blood clot. If you experience great pain, swelling and whole leg becomes purple, go to emergency. If not admitted, sit in the emergency room if you have to.

82 days ago


Obviously the Dr totally missed the blood clot, big surprise.

82 days ago

Jeanne Tutt    

OMG! that was totally a DVT and because they didn't diagnose it properly he probably did drink due to the pain unfortunately. this does NOT mean he was by any means a drunk or mixing drugs and alcohol etc.

If you have ever had a dvt you know how painful that is. He shoulda been in the hospital on an iv blood thinner and antibiotics!

That Dr. can spin it as much as he wants but he's screwed.

82 days ago


Tmz don't make this poor man out to be an alcoholic!!! Blood clots hurt like a bitch and he was probably drinking for pain relief!!!!! Especially since this dr was an idiot and said nothing was wrong I'm sure the dr didn't give that strong of a pain killer bc remember it was just a sprain!!! Idiot!!!

82 days ago

Justin Huffington    

I think a Pulmonary embolism killed him, it's when a blood clot breaks off and travels up to the heart & lungs. If anything, the alcohol could of helped him by thinning the blood; anyone who is diagnosed with blood clot is usually treated with anticoagulant medication. (blood thinners). Just a thought.

82 days ago


Seriously tmz? Making this dead man out to be an alcoholic and calling it "boozing"? Y'all are some *******s. He was in pain

82 days ago
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